Put your library on the wheels…

motivation tips

One of the greatest opportunities for motivating yourself today lies in the way you use your drive time.

There is no longer any excuse for time in the car to be downtime or frustrating or time that is not motivating.With huge variety of audiobooks now available,you can use your time on the road to educate and motivate yourself at the same time.

When we use our time in the car to simply listen to music or to curse traffic,we are undermining our own frame of mind.Moreover,by listening to tabloid-type “news” program for too long period of time,we actually get a distorted view of life.

News program today have one goal: to shock or sadden the listener.The most vulgar and horrific stories around the state and nation are searched for and found.

I experienced this firsthand when i worked for a daily newspaper.I saw how panicked the city desk got if there were no murders or rapes that day.I watched as they tore through the wire stories to see if news item from another part of the country could be gruesome enough to save the front page.If there is no drowning,they will reluctantly go with near-drowning.

There is nothing wrong with this.Its not immoral or unethical.It feeds the public hunger for bad news.Its exactly what people want,so,in a way,it is a service.But it reaches its most damaging proportions when the average listener believes that all this bad news is a true and fair reflection of what is happening in the world.Its not.It is deliberately selected to spice up broadcast and keep people listening.It is designed to horrify,because horrified people are a riveted audience and advertisers like it that way.

Many people today drive a great deal of time.With motivational and educational audiobooks,it has been estimated that drivers can receive the equivalent of a full semester in college with three months worth of driving.

We all can manage what our ears feeds on. Remember; the person who makes no choice makes a choice.