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DIT Approved Trainers
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Dolphins Group Offers
Perfect PA and Effective Office Administrator Skills Training...

Venue; Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Date; 29th To 30th November 2018

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Excellent Project Management Skills Training...Mombasa

Venue; Hotel EnglishPoint & Spa Marina, Mombasa,Kenya - Coastal Line

Date; 26th To 30th November 2018 ( Five Days)

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Diligent Record Management & Information Technology In Record Keeping Skills Training...

Venue;  Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Date; 26th To 30th November 2018 (Five Days)

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Strategic Performance Management Skills Training….Mombasa

Venue; Hotel EnglishPoint & Spa Marina, Mombasa,Kenya - Coastal Line

Date; 3rd To 7th December 2018 (Five Days)

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We shared a lot. I am a changed person even the entire office is surprised. I will forever remember remember the training- Vinic Sarange Ombaso

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Amazing trainings, quite relevant and fulfilling, 9 out of 10. Empower more and more people –Vincent KK, Safaricom ltd



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