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“There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.”

Dale Carnegie

When people say, I would rather die than speak or present in public, usually they mean it!

The reason most of us will not face a crowd, take press interviews, do more business presentations, chair a meeting or do not know how to handle being the centre of attention successfully is chiefly due to lack of, or insufficient exploration and exploitation of the technique. Controlling nerves, competent use of gestures/ facial expressions/pauses, scripting a winning speech, apt application of audio-visual aids, PowerPoint presentation excellence, audience management, confidence and a host of other presentation skills can indeed be learnt, honed and practiced to perfection for, as our slogan boldly states, Its not just about what you say; its how you say it! These skills are vital stepping stones to advancing professionally and socially!


Do you feel ill-equipped or insufficiently prepared to appear before an audience that is anxiously waiting to hear from you?

Have you ever begun a presentation with I was not ready or expecting to talk this evening, I have never done this before, or even `aarrr Mmmmmh.!Do your ideas get all mixed up until you lose your audience and at times yourself? Do you keep to the allocated time?

This intensive two days training program is geared to answer your questions while providing theory and practice in:-

o Preparation tactics that build your confidence and set you up for success

o Establishing your credibility and exhibiting competence

o Powerful presentation pointers

o Organizing your script and presentation package plus the fundamental Dos and Donts

o Controlling your nerves and positive side effects of stage fright

o Body Language – competent use of gestures/ facial expressions/pauses

o Speaking with passion, dressing for the occasion

  • Audience engagement and management and much more.


A brilliant script or in-depth knowledge of your topic is fundamental to achieving a successful presentation but delivery is what makes or breaks it.


The delivery is the reason you do not send that speech or those PowerPoint slides to your audience via email or by post.


Nervousness has been the downfall of the majority of us- but it is NORMAL. In fact, it is actually good for you and can heighten the success of your presentation. Also important is to remember that your audience is watching the entire you, and not just your lips- what is your body saying as you speak?


Whether you’re a complete beginner to public speaking and business presenting or looking to improve existing skills,this training course will bring out the best in you or your staff.


You are probably already an experienced public speaker or a business presenter but are you really making the most out of every speaking opportunity? If not, then this course will help you enhance your impact on your audience.

Excel at public speaking and presentations

  • Develop your presence and impact
  • Deliver with power and energy
  • Succeed with all audiences among other aspects


For some, avoiding speaking or presenting in public is not an option. But if you want to be more a more effective and confident; then this training is geared to achieve this and more.

Deliver your speech and presentations effectively

  • Build on your confidence
  • Engage with your audience
  • Deliver more convincingly


Beginners-Go from “terrified” to “confident”

    • Overcome your fear
    • Learn to create a memorable message
  • Begin to speak in public with confidence




Great speakers are not born, theyre trained.

-Dale Carnegie


















Structure and planning

Attention grabbers

Facts and figures

Practice must-dos

The magic rule of three

Dress to impress

Practice inclusions



This is probably why you will be laughing all the way back to your seat after your presentation. Other than for imprompt speaking, preparation sessions are vital in setting yourself up to succeed.


Take the opening for instance; here you make your first impression, build credibility and arouse interest all in just under 30 seconds. After that your mission, now that you have accepted it, is to carry them all, spellbound, through your presentation to your call to action or take-home message as you close.


How can you win their trust, drive your point home and yet keep it short and sweet? The key lies in how and how much you prepare!




Facial expressions



Voice quality, variation and projection

Modes of speaking

Body language and presence

Posture and composure

Impromptu speaking


This is why you did not send that presentation via email.

They have come for the delivery, not the written word. Give it to them. Make that impact!


Here we seek to establish the difference between going through the motions and intentionally making a presentation.


Another thing. Many people often begin with ‘um’, ‘ah’ and then continue to unleash these and other vocalized fillers, often without noticing it, throughout their entire presentation. Are you one of them? They erode your credibility!


How can you confidently ground yourself and productively harness the power pauses, movement, body language and tone of?


They have their eyes on every inch of you give them something to work with or they will find other ways to amuse themselves if they do not plunge themselves into slumber land all together.






PowerPoint slides



Flip charts




Slides, slides everywhere and not a stop to think!


Have you heard of (or caused) death by PowerPoint! Has PowerPoint taken the place of the presenter? Let us put audio- visual aids back in there place, and they do have their place. Once again, its you they came to see! The slides can be sent via email, but the infectious passion, open interaction and elaborate expressions cannot.


Technology! Not always all its cut out to be. However, you can learn the ropes of how technology can greatly enhance your presentation.




Nerves/ stage fright

Eye- contact

Place and pace

Taking questions

Interruptions and distractions


Generally, your audience wants you to succeed! Hardly do people go to a presentation or give their undivided attention so as to see the presenter flop. However, the audience will be the product of a myriad of demographic factors and thus you can expect the antagonist, the wanderer etc.


Having said that, it is still imperative that you establish a rapport and to hold that attention till you come to your inspired closing.


Feeling nervous is natural and can even be good for you. If you do not feel your nerves, you do not care enough about the presentation.


How can you channel that nervous energy into boosting your performance?


How can you engage and manage your audience?



Image, Dressing & Business etiquette Corporate Awareness Training Modules


These modules give in depth guidance on 21st century business etiquette and image. It also provides detailed information on necessary etiquette, essential grooming, dressing for success and creating a decisive impression which will instill the participants with the confidence and composure to conduct themselves appropriately in both social and business environments

Business Etiquette: customer relations and business skills

  • creating a dynamic impression
  • meeting and greeting at networking functions
  • how to make introductions
  • welcoming clients
  • greeting colleagues
  • the language of small talk
  • mobile phone etiquette
  • how to deal with external customers
  • how to behave toward internal customers

Deportment: how to portray a professional image

  • projecting a positive & lasting image
  • the elegant way to walk into a room
  • the correct hand shake
  • standing and sitting with composure and style

Image & Style: creating a look to suit the company image

  • selecting colors & styles
  • dressing for your body shape
  • suitable attire for the office
  • smart and acceptable casual wear for work
  • the capsule wardrobe
  • style of suits and dress
  • shirts and ties
  • color of shirts/blouses
  • hosiery and socks
  • shoes
  • handbags/brief cases
  • jewellery

Personal Grooming: grooming from the inside out

  • general grooming
  • personal hygiene
  • hair & make-up


Participants will learn how to create a look to suit their image and what is

Suitable to wear to gain the confidence in business needed to make the

right impression and influence people.







The programs are highly participatory, interactive and backed by thoroughly researched, tried and tested theories and principals (60% Practical 40% theory).The trainers are practicing professional writers themselves.

Your success is based on our internalization technique of principal and technique you will acquire a new habit/culture and not just a collection of printed reference material.




As dictated by your organization.









TestimonialsSome Previous attendants had this to say

Empowering. Aamera Jiwaji- Jubilee Insurance Kenya.

Absolutely wonderful experience…Everyone determined to grow career wise should attend this course. Its a key step on learning how to effectively engage diverse audience and executing perfect impactful presentation Charity Mundia, Senior M-Pesa Marketing Communication Officer, Safaricom.

From my experience, Business presentation and public speaking training is a prerequisite learning process for everybody and I quote -Batram Muthoka, CEO, ASK.

Facilitators were super. I connected with them very well. Their content and delivery was very rich. I encourage others to sit in this class. Derek was fun. I. M. Obara, Director- Platinum Credit.

Its the best thing I have done this year. I have seen how I appear to my audience and discovered how to improve my public speaking. N. G. Manager- Kenya Pipeline Company.

or succeed in virtually anything. M. K. Muthoka, Human Resource Officer- Mater Hospital.

The public speaking was very involving, educating. It must be a continuous process to be a good public speaker. Ruth, Admin Advance- Ernst & Young.

This is a life changing course! The trainers were excellent. My Presentation will never be the same again. Great work.Humphrey,Director-Valuations,SEC & MCo Ltd


The course is enriching and a must for all who do public presentations and for personal growth. The presenters are very well versed and I would recommend them any day. Joyce Chege, Associate Business Development- Ernst & Young.


Good experience, good insight into personality, good foundation to grow more in public speaking. Trainers very good. Michele Doobay Kanaiya, General Manager- Alldean Satellite Networks.

This training was factual, insightful and very informative. Exceeded my expectations.
E Otieno Agira, Assistant Manager Corporate Communication. HELB.

Relevant, well thought, well done..Kennedy Shimekha. Head Trade Finance Barclays Bank.

This training is a must attended for different level of management and anyone involved in public speaking and presentations. J Labi, IT Manager,NBK

Professional Trainers. This course is a must for anyone involved in Public Speaking , in business or in the social sceneJuddy Njoroge, Branch Manager SAPPI Deutschland GMBH.

I highly recommend this course to all who speak to audiences of one person to hundreds of people, like in a public rally. Also to all who use PowerPoint in their presentations Judah arap Bett, Chairman ESRI Eastern Africa.

The trainers are excellent and extensive knowledge of the course. -Dr. J. Mandieka, Managing Director Ultimate Vetserve.

Fantastic Training and worth more, great learning experience Steve Lubia, EA Territory Sales Lead HP East Africa

A must do course as it teaches a mandatory skill in todays very competitive world; delivered by a fantastic trainers Davies Maina, Sales Director TBM Limited



As dictated by your organization.



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