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Unlocking Growth: Capital Raising Skills and Strategies Empowering you to Access Local and International Capital Sources for Organizational Growth

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Organizations often require access to external capital as they navigate various stages of their lifecycle. Making complete, well-informed financing decisions at the corporate level requires a thorough understanding of the capital raising process, the challenges therein and how to play to win. This course will demystify key financing concepts to give both financial and non-financial professionals a guide to raising capital from local and international investors for their organizations.

Consisting of a 5-day comprehensive workshop, this course is designed to help you get a thorough understanding of the financial and strategic considerations involved in raising capital. It will help you identify the stage your organization is in and the type of capital required, and the type of investors to target. It will also provide guidance on how to approach investors, how to position your pitch, how to prepare for investors due diligence, how to build deal momentum, negotiate and make sure you have an efficient and effective capital raising process for your organization.


Target Audience:

This course is designed for finance managers, finance directors, strategy managers, strategy directors, MDs, CEOs, entrepreneurs, board members and professionals who contribute to capital decisions required to execute the corporate strategy.

It is targeted at various organizations including small and medium enterprises, mature companies, NGOs, saccos, churches, counties and other organizations.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

At Course Completion:

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the stage your organization is in and the appropriate source of capital.
  • Understand the process of raising capital including the importance of a valuation and due diligence.
  • Understand the terms your target group of investors are likely to ask for and why.
  • Comprehend the long-term implications of each provision in the term sheet and be positioned to negotiate with confidence.
  • Explore various avenues and instruments of raising capital and strategies for efficient utilization of capital.
  • Identify relevant local and international sources of capital.
  • Understand the investor mindset and what attracts them to an organization.
  • Develop a plan to identify and approach investors appropriate for your organization and stage.
  • Build a credible pitch appropriate for your target investor group.
  • Develop the ability to strengthen your negotiating position, build momentum and successfully raise capital.
  • Contribute to decisions in your own company more meaningfully with a good understanding of the organization lifecycle, identifying capital needs and the capital raising process.



Understanding the growth path of your organization

  • Opportunities and challenges facing organizations in Africa
  • The organization life cycle and capital needs for each stage.
  • Building a solid business plan
  • Scaling your organization

Capital Raising Process

  • Preparing for the initial deal screening process.
  • Financial information needed before meeting investors.
  • Building the company projections
  • Due diligence, valuation and deal structuring.
  • Negotiation of term sheets and finalization of deal structure.
  • Deal closing and completion.
  • Post deal management and reporting


Avenues for Raising Capital and Improving Capital Efficiency

  • Corporate bonds
  • Commercial paper
  • Syndicated loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Social Bonds
  • Green Bonds
  • Initial public offerings
  • Stock market listing
  • Secondary issues
  • Private placements with strategic and financial investors e.g. private equity and venture capital funds
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Working capital optimization
  • Financial restructuring
  • Partnerships


Local and international Investors/ Sources of Funds Available to:

  • SMEs
  • Mature companies
  • Long term projects
  • Not for profit organizations
  • Churches
  • Counties


Investor Pitch

  • Target and approach the right investors for your organization.
  • Assessing the quality of an investor.
  • How investors expect you to present your management accounts and financial projections.
  • What investors like to see in a pitch.
  • Common mistakes to avoid that limit the effectiveness of the pitch.
  • Techniques for developing a powerful close.
  • Pitching international investors.
  • Questions to expect from investors.
  • Examples of investors for each stage of growth.
  • How to prepare for a meeting after sharing a pitch deck.

Negotiating and closing the deal

  • The key terms that secures the economic and control aspects of a transaction/deal.
  • Negotiation stress points.
  • Negotiation style and approaches.
  • Reasons for deal failures.
  • Identifying deal breakers.
  • De-risking your



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