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Training Course Description;

The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions.
Anthony Jay

As an employer, the most crucial skill one should posses is discerning how to pick the most qualified and efficient employee for the Job. The position and skill set might vary but the basic qualifications must be established to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in the work place.

In this course, we take you through the process of conducting successful interviews from the primary contact with the shortlisted candidate, to the method of conducting the main interview. Knowing which questions to ask and how to ask them and also being able to identify different red flags.

Regardless of the method of the interview, the interviewer must be observant and keen to not only screen the potential employee on qualifications and skills but also to establish character and demeanor.

Interviewing is not a democratic art Andrew OHagan

In this highly practical course Participants will learn:

Defining the Job before hiring an Employee

  • How to establish roles and duties for the open position.
    Listing down the qualifications for different positions.
    How to determine the salary range based on competitive markets.

Short listing candidates who fit the job description

  • What to look for in resumes what should stand out.
    Establishing whether or not the candidates meet the minimum qualifications.
    Why a check list is important

Methods of conducting the different types of interviews

One on one interview
The Dos and the Donts
Dealing with nervous candidates
How to read body language

Panel interviews
When to conduct panel interviews
Selecting the group of panelists how many is too many
How to structure screening from different panelists.

Telephone interviews
When to conduct telephone interviews
How to structure telephone screening questions
Appropriate duration for telephone interviews

Video Interview
How to read body language from a video call.
Video call duration how long is too long
Structure of video interviews

Group interviews
How to spot the right candidates from a group
How to conduct the interview professionally


Informal Interviews
How to keep the interview professional in an informal setting.
Where and when to schedule informal interviews


Follow up interviews
When to schedule the follow up interview
Screening questions for follow up interviews


How to pick screening Questions
How to structure your questions to achieve the response you want
How to identify the relevant questions for the opening.
Avoiding discriminatory questioning
How to ask open ended questions dealing with yes and no answers


Identifying Interview Red Flags
How to check on poor communication skills
Separating the lies from the truths. Reading the interviewees tell- tale signs
How to spot disinterested candidates
Spotting poor time managers

What will participants learn at the end of the program?
How to successfully plan the recruitment approach to establish the best qualification fit for the position.
How to attract the best candidates to apply for the position in your organization
How to shortlist the best qualified candidates.
A full understanding of the different types of interviews and the professional ways of conducting them.
How to structure effective screening questions.
Interpreting different body languages from the interviewees.
Spotting red flags consequently avoiding bad hires.
Assertive techniques of bringing out the different characters of the interviewees.



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