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This instructor-led course will provide knowledge of excel. Excel provides tools for data discovery, transformation, and enrichment. It allows you to combine data quickly and easily from one or more structured or semi-structured sources (Excel, CSV, relational databases, SAP, online services, etc.) in a repeatable manner and apply analysis expression functions for insights. This course will provide in-depth working knowledge of Functions, Auditing, charting, Validation including practical solutions to common scenarios.




Working with multiple worksheets and workbook Navigating between sheets

Creating a formula to link worksheets

Consolidating data

Linking workbooks

Creating a formula to link workbooks

Working with Large worksheets Viewing and organizing spreadsheet data

Zoom feature

Using freeze panes

Grouping data manually


Cell referencing Appropriate use of cell referencing in formulas.

Relative referencing,

Absolute referencing and

Mixed referencing

Summarizing Data Creating Subtotals with aggregating functions

Creating conditional summaries with conditional aggregate functions

Gathering insights with statistical functions


Excel functions Logical functions for branch prediction and decision making IF, IFERROR

Manipulating textual data with text functions

Working with time series data using Date and Time functions

Work with multiple lists and tables using lookup and reference functions

Conditional formatting Introduction to Conditional Formatting

Highlight cell rules

Top/Bottom rules

Data bars and Color scales

Icon sets

Using Formula in Conditional Formatting


Sorting and Filtering Multi-Levels of Sorting

Data Filtering-conditional Filters

Text filter

Number filter

Date filter


Top 10 filter

Advanced Filtering

Filtering and Sorting in Excel Data Tables


Charts for visualization Creating and modifying charts

Adding trend-lines

Visualizing multiple series and dissimilar data types

Using sparklines

Chart layout options


Tables Creating managing and formatting tables, sorting filtering and applying quick analysis for data insights.

Cleaning duplicate records

Adding and deleting records

Data Validation Data Validation Criteria

Input Message

Customizing Error Messages

Circle Invalid Entries

Creating Dynamic Drop down List

Validating Numbers

Validating Dates

Validating Text Length

Custom validation to create special rule


Formula Auditing Auditing features

Tracing formula errors

Error checking

Evaluate formula

Circular reference errors

Protecting a worksheet

Protecting cell ranges



  • Microsoft Excel 2010 and above – Professional Pro
  • Windows based Laptop Minimum RAM (2GB)
  • Minimum 1GHz clock speed


Dolphins Group - Book Now

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