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Understanding the Rapidly Evolving Pensions Landscape in a
World of Risks, Volatility, Change and Uncertainty


This DOLPHINS Pensions, Governance & Regulations training course delivers content rich, immersive and interesting learning experience covering pensions, attendant risks, competitive pressures, adverse stock-market and societal trends, pensions marketing and the regulatory / governance framework which supports them.

It examines origins, underlying philosophies, risks, public policy, social policies, the balance between state pensions and private provision, inter-generational fairness, affordability and the interests of taxpayers. This, given the current rate of medical advance, lifestyles, the employment market, technological advance, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, mortality, morbidity, investment performance, asset selection, changing attitudes to pensions versus alternative forms of investment.

The training course will feature:

  • How to assess the current pensions and investment landscape across different geography
  • Assessing best approaches re pensions marketing, governance, risks, investment, taxation
  • Remaining competitive as a pensions provider within changing marketplaces
  • The balance between private and public pensions provision / Pension Tech / RPA
  • Demographics, employment, occupation and social class related to pensions and governance


By the end of this DOLPHINS training course, participants will be able to:

  • See where their organisations are in relation to current trends in pensions governance
  • Become more effective marketers of pensions in regulated markets in particular
  • Better understand governance, risk & policy formulation and decision making processes
  • Reduce risks from uncertainty, morbidity, medical advances, trends (P.E.S.T.L.E factors)
  • Inspire greater confidence in their competences and judgements from senior management

Training Methodology

This DOLPHINS training course will utilise a variety of adult learning techniques to ensure maximum comprehension, understanding and retention of the information presented, this includes:

  • Coloured and black and white diagrams and charts incorporating bullet points and detailed explanations to accommodate different learning styles
  • Group discussions and exercises with course participants interacting with the trainer / facilitator and with each other
  • Short films using different specialist presenters to explain technical aspects of pension calculations and investments
  • Bullet pointed topic summaries following each session

Organisational Impact

  • Improved marketing and sales of pensions against other competing investments
  • Greater profitability and more funds under active management
  • Improved risk management capability
  • More knowledgeable effective and engaged staff & greater productivity per employee
  • Optimised brand, reputation and corporate value
  • Lower costs and improved cash-flow

Personal Impact

Participants on this DOLPHINS training course on Pensions, Governance and Regulation will:

  • Learn how to market pensions more effectively and gain transferable marketing skills
  • Understand how to future-proof sales, marketing and investment strategies
  • Obtain governance skills and in selected cases policy formulation skills
  • Hone existing governance, pensions design, critical thinking and decision making skills
  • Develop broader international understanding of pensions across different jurisdictions
  • Update themselves on current trends and developments including Pension Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Who Should Attend?

This DOLPHINS training course is suitable to a wide range of profession but will greatly benefit:

  • Pension Scheme Providers
  • Business Owners within corporate pension schemes
  • Managers
  • Actuaries
  • Investment Managers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Employee Benefit Consultants
  • Risk Consultants
  • Project Leaders and Programme Directors
  • Remuneration Consultants
  • Pension Technology Providers
  • BPO Pension Scheme Administrators
  • Lawyers involved in pensions wanting to understand the bigger picture
  • Public Sector Pension Scheme Legislators and Junior Officials at local and national level

They may be drawn from any industry, regulatory domain or jurisdiction and range from highly experienced senior personnel to new practitioners and fast track graduates and high fliers being groomed for promotion and greater responsibility.

Course Outline


Conceptualization, Construction, Philosophy and Distribution Channels

  • What is a Pension?
  • Types of Pensions
  • Scheme Construction
  • Channels of Distribution
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Trends


Investment Strategies and Vehicles

  • Growth Assets
  • Protection Assets
  • Choosing the Right Mix for Risk Appetite vs. Performance
  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Investment Performance / Management Fees
  • Investment / Economic Cycles


Risk Factors and Trends by Geography

  • Morbidity, Mortality, Diet and Lifestyle
  • Medical Advances
  • Employment and Demographic Changes
  • Threat Actors / Methods and Trends
  • Economic, Societal, Legal and Political Trends
  • Competition and Changing Attitudes to Pensions and Money


PensionGovernance and Regulation (Part 1)

  • Comparing Pension Privatisation
  • Multi-pillar Pension Systems
  • Maturity of Multi-pillar Pension Systems
  • Comparing Pension Systems and Their Outcomes
  • The Governance Approach in Kenya
  • Regulatory Authorities and Regimes


PensionGovernance and Regulation (Part 2)

  • Public Sector Pensions Governance and Performance
  • The Role of Pensions Trustees / Local Pensions Boards
  • Money Laundering Reporting Officers
  • The Taxation of Pensions / Offshore Pensions
  • Lessons For Developing Countries
  • The Role of Pension Technology as an Enabler


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