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A Five Days Exclusive Master class program

Course Introduction

This course will equip any executive or personal assistant with the competence needed to excel on the job. It will give you an in-depth understanding of the principles and best practices of successful senior administrators. It will also increase your impact and visibility at the office and it will enable you to derive several action plans for taking on more challenges and raising your career up a notch.

You will come up with key strategies for broadening your role and expanding yourself to go beyond expectations. You will also develop a professional approach for optimizing your relationship with your manager and building excellent relationships with all stakeholders at the workplace. You will be able to construct professional e-mails which will reflect a professional image of your department and company. This course will also give you vital insights on ways to increase your tolerance to stress and be in control of your time. Organizing professional meetings, including writing effective agendas and minutes of meetings, is also an important element of this course. The last segment of this course provides the know-how of professional dealing with visitors, internal and external customers and how to make your department and company more customer friendly.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Practice advanced administration techniques to effectively run the office of a senior manager
  • Develop excellent relationships with the manager to maximize productivity
  • Acquire modern communication concepts and strategies to facilitate work flow
  • Apply professional business writing techniques in e-mails
  • List the main causes of stress and prepare an action plan to keep them under control
  • Prepare and organize a professional meeting, write its agenda and take minutes accurately
  • Demonstrate professional skills in serving internal and external customers effectively
  • Provide full support to stakeholders in order to enhance the success of the business
  • Apply emotional intelligence to foster excellent business relationships both laterally and vertically
  • Harness modern communication concepts and strategies to facilitate work flow
  • Use the main functions of management to build and maintain different organizing systems that will lead to increased productivity
  • Demonstrate professional skills in using creativity, servinginternal customers, and managing stress

Target Competencies

  • Personal drive
  • Building relationships
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Business writing
  • Handling stress
  • Organizing meetings
  • Service orientation
  • Forward thinking
  • Emotional control
  • Image building

Course Outline

Progressive role of the executive or personal assistant

  • Understanding the strategic role of todays executive assistant
  • Working ‘with’ versus working ‘for’ your leader
  • The challenges impacting the 21st century administrators
  • The competencies of the modern personal assistant
  • Self-empowerment: creating your own mission statement
  • Developing forward thinking: being a proactive thinker
  • Using technology to get things done

Emotional intelligence (EI) tact and skills for handling people

  • Definition of EI
  • The conceptual model
  • Understanding the four dimensions of EI:
    • Awareness of own role
    • Management of own responsibilities
    • Awareness of office politics and environment
    • Management of stakeholders
  • Recognizing how stress and feelings affect performance
  • Applying EI in building relations and dealing with difficult situations

Mastering management practices


  • Setting SMART objectives
  • Writing your personal goal setting plan


  • Delegating effectively
  • Setting task priorities


  • Understanding the team dynamics
  • The coaching clinic


  • Setting useful metrics
  • Building and maintaining systems

The Executive/PA guidelines for success

Forging a customer service culture in your office

  • The importance of internal customer service
  • Making your department customer friendly
  • Dealing with visitors

Creativity tools for decision making

  • Definition of creativity
  • Creativity tools for generating improvements
  • The personal creativity profile

Stress management

  • Identifying causes of stress
  • The personal stress worksheet
  • Time management preventive measures

Effective interpersonal and written communication

  • Building excellent relationships with colleagues
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Developing self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Presenting your ideas and influencing others
  • Effective Business writing:
    • Writing powerful emails
    • Writing minutes of the meeting

Optimizing the Relationship with the Boss

  • Establishing common objectives and priorities
  • Knowing and synchronizing expectations
  • Building and managing the relationship
  • Managers’ types and ways to manage each type
  • Maximizing your value relative to the boss
  • Partnering with the boss


Professional Business Writing

  • Crucial elements for excellent writing
  • The AIDA model of business writing
  • Writing professional e-mails
  • E-mail etiquette

Organizing Professional Meetings

  • Planning for the Meeting
  • Preparing the Agenda
  • Techniques for Writing the Minutes
  • Improving the Effectiveness of your Meetings
  • Actions to Take After your Meetings


Excellent Communication Skills

You can make more friends in two month by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” Dale Carnegie

As social entities, we spend a lot of time and effort in communication with others. Mastering the art of communication increases our chances of success in both professional and personal lives. Any performance improvement here will directly lead to benefits for your team, your job and your personal life. Communication skills can be learned and mastered through persistent practice.

The Communication Skills Training Materials offered by Dolphins Group focuses on core concepts vital to successful communication such as Styles of Communication, Effective Listening and Questioning Skills, Assertiveness, Empathy and more. To master communication skills, extensive interactive and hands-on exercises are provided during the training course which encourage learning and increase the delegates’ confidence.

“Communication skills can be learned systematically and mastered through persistent practice.”

  • Communications Styles
  • Interacting with People
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Misunderstanding
  • Empathy & Emotional Intelligence
  • Telephone Skills
  • Body Language
  • Understanding Stories
  • Intention Analysis
  • Avoiding Blame
  • Feelings
  • Psychological Games
  • Difficult Conversations


Business Presentation Skills

Good information, great ideas or the best proposal only gets you half way. To be a successful professional presenter you need to be able to capture your audience and take them on your journey using effective presentations. Positioning yourself and your ideas in a consistently positive and professional manner enables you to make a professional impression the first time and every time. Raw information is logical but being logical does not capture anyones attention for too long. Persuasive presentations start with raw information, opinions are added, coloured with imagery, and given personality. The more of the mind you tickle, the more retention and motivation you reap.

  • Learn to design effective & engaging presentations
  • Select the most suitable delivery method based on the audience, the environment & the message being delivered
  • Master powerful & effective verbal & non-verbal communication techniques
  • Gain insight into effective techniques for calming nerves
  • Learn to create fantastic flip charts to support the key messages
  • Create compelling PowerPoint presentations
  • Learn different tools to add diversity & interest to engage an audience
  • Learn to pump it up a notch to deliver higher energy presentations

Personal Branding Skills

Intheinformationage,personalbrandingisnecessaryforthesuccessofanycompany orindividual.Failingtomanagepersonalbrandingcanleadtomisinformationaboutyouoryourcompanybecomingpublic.Takingcontrolofyourpublic imageisnolongeranoption.


  • Knowhowtosharpenyourpersonalbrand
  • Understandwhyappearancemattersandhowtorisefromthecrowd
  • KnowhowtouseSocialMediatobuildyourpersonalbrand
  • Managingyourbrandthroughacrisis Understandyourbrandsuniquepersonality
  • Planthestepsforsuccess.


Profile and CV Writing Skills

The thought of writing a resume fills many people with dread. However, all you need is a plan that covers both lay out and content.

The purpose of a CV is to get you to an interview. It needs to show what you can do, and why youre a good fit for an employer.

Learn more about what your profile and CV should look like, and what information to include.

How good your CV is depends on how well you identify and describe your skills. Learn more about how you can highlight your employability skills, transferable skills and specialist skills in your CV.


Effective Managerial Leadership Skills

What does it take to become an effective leader?

Is leadership a natural talent or acquired skills?

Is management the same as leadership?

What are the differences between tactical and strategically planned leadership styles?

Todays employees do not respond to the old hands-on, militaristic management style. They are highly independent professionals with their own fully developed ideas. Leaders and managers who try to micro-manage them will inevitably confront wide spread disgruntlement, absenteeism, and turnover….and increase their own and their team stress levels.

  • Personal Leadership and Management – It starts with you
  • Making vision a reality
  • Defining employee roles and priorities
  • Employing motivational strategies
  • Planning for change
  • Motivating your team through change
  • Coping through a change process


Strategic Performance Management Skills

What is the most important element of an organizations success today? I believe you got it right; its people. Motivated, trained and experienced employees drive creativity, strategy and profits. This hands-on performance management program empowers with current skills required to manage talent, develop potential and close underperformance gaps.

Specifically designed for those with management accountability, participant will learn;

  • The seven point checklist of quickly identifying the right talent
  • Understanding the performance management cycle
  • How to disintegrate strategy from top to the individual level
  • How to come up with measurable KPI/CSF
  • Handling performance appraisal and performance improvement sessions
  • How to Develop with reliable performance benchmarks
  • How to Manage underperformance and exemplary performance
  • How to Identify the competences required for success
  • How to Explore states of motivation
  • Handle developmental discussions
  • Devise plans and performance objectives


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