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Managing Radical Change for High Growth

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Training Course Description

This Disruptive Innovation training focuses on one of the most important challenges facing all businesses today – innovation. Product and business life cycles are shortening, and the intensity of competition is rising globally. Innovation is now emerging as the most strategically significant aspect of business operations. This takes two forms: (i) innovation that improves product and process efficiency and (ii) innovation that results in a radically different way of doing business. The first can be termed an enabling innovation, the second a disruptive innovation. An enabling innovation will improve performance in existing operations. A disruptive innovation will take an organisation into a differentiated and potentially leading position.

“Disruptive Innovation” is the subject of this training. This is designed to enable an organisation to achieve and sustain superior performance – measured in terms of profitable growth – often through a radical change in its complete business model.

This training will highlight:

  • The strategic significance of innovation
  • The different impacts of enabling and disruptive innovation
  • Disruptive innovation as a business process
  • Risk and reward in disruptive innovation
  • Introducing and developing disruptive innovation in your team


By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the potential strategic impact of innovation
  • Identify the opportunities for disruptive innovation in your organisation
  • Implement disruptive innovation programmes within your organisation
  • Minimise the risk associated with disruptive innovation
  • Manage enabling and disruptive innovation in all your activities

Training Methodology

The training process is based on a carefully planned combination of highly focused input by the training leader, using a balanced set of state-of-the-art learning mechanisms. The emphasis will be on learning by examining major decisions on innovation. Above all, the principles and approaches to this subject will be illustrated by reference to real-life organisations with which the training leader has been personally involved.

This following training methods will be used:

  • Presentations by the training leader, including case examples
  • Group work on case studies: analysis, interaction, and discussion
  • Presentations by subject experts on aspects of innovation
  • Focused problem-solving, including outside the box thinking
  • Decision analysis in different strategic and competitive conditions

Organisational Impact

In sending participants to this training, the organisation will gain the following benefits:

  • A more professional approach to innovation, change, and development
  • Introduction of innovative thinking into all levels of the organisation
  • Top management having more confidence in the decisions of staff
  • A creative approach to planning at strategic and operational levels
  • Sharply focused views on the changes required for success
  • More effective Programme and project implementation by managers



Personal Impact

In attending this training, the participants will acquire the following skills and competencies:

  • Extended scope and range of personal potential
  • Improved creativity in developing the business
  • Detailed understanding of the strategic impact of innovation
  • Greater confidence in introducing new ideas and practices
  • Innovative approaches in sustaining profitable growth
  • Understanding of best practice in innovation and how to apply it

Who Should Attend?

All managers and specialists need to appreciate the critical importance of innovation and its disruptive effect on business and organizational development. This training is a suitably wide range of experienced line managers and staff:

  • Strategic and Operational Planning Specialists
  • Marketing and Commercial Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Research & Development Scientists and Technologists
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Managers
  • Human Resource Managers


Program Outline


The Strategic Significance of Innovation

  • Why Innovate? – The Strategic Relevance of Innovation
  • Complexity and Non-linearity in 21st Century Business Development
  • When and How Disruptive Innovation was First Introduced
  • Differences between Enabling Innovation and Disruptive Innovation
  • When is a Disruptive Innovation, an appropriate strategic approach?
  • What can we learn from the experience of successful disruptors?
  • Deciding which Innovation enabling or disruptive?





The Concept of Disruptive Innovation

  • Assessing the Potential Impact of a Disruptive Innovation
  • Innovation in Product and Service
  • Innovation in Supply Chain Design and Relationships
  • Innovation in Business Model and Organisational Structure
  • Corporate Incubation How to Upscale a Viable Disruptive Innovation?
  • Preparing Your Teams for Disruptive Innovation


How does Disruptive Innovation Work?

  • Analysing and Evaluating Risk Disrupt or Be Disrupted?
  • Monitoring and Managing Risk Decisions on the Next Stage
  • Guidelines on the Implementation of Disruptive Innovations
  • Disruptive Innovation in New Product Development
  • Disruptive Innovation via the Research Laboratory
  • Disruptive Innovation in Organisational Development
  • Aligning and Integrating Innovation with Established Practice


Getting Organized for Disruptive Innovation

  • Good Ideas Can Come From Anywhere
  • Processes and Mechanisms for Generating New Ideas
  • Use of Data Mining to Generate Innovative Ideas
  • Internal / External Open Bidding as a Source of Ideas
  • Feasibility Studies as a means of Screening for Viability
  • Has Innovation become a core competency?
  • The Ten Elements of the Innovation Spectrum


Managing Disruptive Innovation

  • Ideation and the Process Approach to Innovation
  • Creating an Innovation Culture in Your Team
  • Acquisitions, Networks, and Alliances as Disruptive Mechanisms
  • Activity Integration or Separation Following Disruptive Innovations
  • Financial Justification and Methods for Disruptive Innovations
  • Measuring the Impact of Disruptive Innovations
  • Evaluating Our Ability to Implement Disruptive Innovations
  • Overview and Personal Action Plans


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