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Managing the Corporate Transport and Logistics Function training course has a strategic importance for organisations. In an increasingly competitive market, cutting costs has become just one element of success where managers need to consider delivery times, flexibility and innovation when choosing suppliers and contractors. The specialised skills of logistics are supported by the essential skills of financial, technical and negotiation.

This comprehensive training course prepares participants to manage the corporate transport function as a complete entity. A wide range of technical issues are explored, as well as whole-life and life-cycle costing methodologies; these are supported by a range of personal skills to support informed decision-making.

This DOLPHINS training course will highlight:

  • Management of the corporate transport resources
  • Understanding of the use of resources including the people resource
  • Know how to plan the acquisition of resources
  • Understand how to manage transport service contracts
  • The benefit of effective performance monitoring


Managers will leave fully equipped to provide excellent transport resources for your organisation.

At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Understand the links between the corporate transport function and the wider environment
  • Appreciate the need to operate the transport function efficiently, safely and in a cost effective manner
  • Understand how to acquire resources through efficient procurement
  • Measure the performance of the transport function

Training Methodology

Participants will increase competencies through a variety of instructional methods including lecture by an experienced practitioner and consultant, exercises, and group discussions covering current practices and their relationship to the implementation of new concepts including a comprehensive manual.

Organisational Impact

  • Improve the efficiency of the corporate transport and logistics function
  • Reduce the costs of the transport function
  • Improve the transport function safety
  • Improve transport KPI reporting

Personal Impact

  • Develop transport plans, strategies and policies
  • Plan and manage transport contracts, including service level agreements
  • Analyse and evaluate alternative acquisition methods financially and operationally
  • Manage transport operations safely, efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Develop and interpret KPIs to manage logistics services operationally and strategically

Who Should Attend?

This DOLPHINS training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Managers and supervisors who manage the corporate transport fleet
  • Executives with accountability for corporate transport
  • Managers wishing to understand the fundamentals of fleet management
  • Finance managers who need knowledge of managing the corporate transport fleet

Course Outline

Day 1

The Corporate Transport Function in the Wider Organisation Context

  • Understanding where the transport function fits in the organisation
  • Appreciating the stakeholders in the organisation
  • Understanding the needs of the customer
  • Examining best in class

Day 2

Plan the Resources Necessary to Run the Corporate Transport Function

  • Developing the needs of the customer
  • Examining what we have
  • Examining what is available in the market
  • Making plans for a resource strategy
  • Understand SLA’s and transport service contracts

Day 3

Analyse the Acquisition Strategy

  • Using a resource strategy to produce an acquisition plan
  • Using procurement techniques to buy efficiently
  • Producing a life cycle concept for acquisition
  • Understanding the best time to purchase

Day 4

Operating the Corporate Transport Function Efficiently, Safely and Cost Effectively

  • Understanding how to manage on a day to day basis
  • Using the people resource to provide a safe transport service
  • Managing costs through efficient use of resources
  • Matching the needs of the customer to cost to serve

Day 5

Producing Productivity Target

  • Producing a matrix of performance measures
  • Ensuring costs are restrained and measured
  • Working with senior management to align with the corporate strategy
  • Producing a personal plan which benefits a return to organisation


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