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This 5-day intensive course will help participants understand governments protocols, conventions, communication and etiquette. After the course, participants will be able to display conventional social behaviour patterns across various contexts locally and internationally. The course will provide a step-by-step how-to guide to preparing, managing and executing the protocol dimension of formal high level events and VIP visits. Further, participants will learn how to interact respectfully with people from different cultures, nations and regions while displaying cultural sensitivity across international dynamics. Overall, after the course participants will be able to display immaculate conduct that creates a good impression and avoids causing offence in high profile business interactions.

Course Delivery Style

The delivery method for this course is participant-focused, stimulating and Fun:

  • Interactive learning with lots of discovery and participatory activities. Lecture method used to introduce key concepts only.
  • Delivery of practical skills that are easy to apply soon after the course
  • Cutting edge content benchmarked with best practice
  • Facilitated by seasoned communication management specialists

Some of areas covered include;

-Professional Conduct/Communications Skills -Basics to Table Etiquette from Start to Finish
-3-Course Tutorial Business Lunch -Dressing
-International, Diplomatic Rank & Status; Forms of Address; and Precedence
-Proper introductions and their responses
-The ins and outs to planning and implementing a formal dinner event
-Written Business and Social Correspondence and Invitations
-Flag Etiquette and Military Protocols

-Review; Practice session to review lessons learned that day; Pledge cards; homework assignment.
-Foreign Missions
-The Foundations to International Missions
-Understanding Cross-Cultural Differences and Awareness
-Travel Wardrobe and Packing
-Global Gift-Giving Practices
-Informal Discussion, including a lesson on wine ordering and wine etiquette
-How to usetechnology in the 21st century while remaining diplomatic

-Managing your team for government and diplomatic assignment.

-Body Language the project confidence and power.

-International Diplomatic Standards on etiquette

Cross Cultural Understanding

The fundamental intention of cross cultural training is to equip the learner(s) with the appropriate skills to attain cross cultural understanding.

Some of the key areas addressed in this module include;

  • Familiarization and knowledge of different cultural characteristics, values, beliefs and behaviors.
  • Cultural awareness and understanding which creates open mindedness, behavior and attitude change toward different cultures
  • Empathy and Cultural Sensitivity which is a by-product of awareness and creates an ability to read into situations, contexts and behaviors that are culturally rooted and be able to react to them appropriately.
  • Diversity and Cultural competence which is the final stage of cross cultural understanding and signifies the individuals ability to work effectively across cultures

Global Gift-Giving Practices

  • What gifts to give based on the status of the receiver
  • What types of gifts are acceptable or unacceptable
  • How to address gifts
  • What is the protocol associated with gift giving and receiving
  • When should gifts be reciprocated
  • How to write an appreciation car




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