Crisis Communication Conference

Public Relations Managers, Communication Managers, PR Heads and PROs open forum

20th March 2020


Crises are fast-moving, usually unexpected and can continue to cause damage long after the incident is over. With the recent tragedies striking all around from, terrorist attacks, fires to extreme weather, crisis communications is at the forefront of helping keep people safe, as well as, protecting your organization.

From sophisticated activist investors and NGOs to online campaigns and citizen journalists, no organization these days is immune from a crisis. Most arent good at anticipating the crisis and crisis teams arent always on the same page as their adversaries. Theyre accustomed toreacting as communicators have done for many years.

Every organization or individual with a reputation worth protecting should be ready for their moment in the crisis spotlight.

This interactive session will arm you with the know-how you need to build and defend reputations from threats as varied as data breaches and product liability cases to natural disasters. The session will be capped off by a live crisis training session that will put your skills to the test under the most extreme circumstances.


Crises now operate at the speed of light, leaving little time for reaction, only anticipation and preparation. We now must beproactive. This requires a radical transformation of how we do our jobs in todays corporate structure. Join to hear what it will take to improve risk intelligence so you can successfully embrace the speed, transparency and trust necessary to survive (and thrive) in todays climate of constant conflict and crisis.

The public no longer trusts you or your brandand youre not alone. Were facing an epidemic of diminished trust in institutions. Todays crisis of trust is compounded by unprecedented risks to data security, global safety, changing political landscapes, new systems of influence and a world where promises are no longer good enough. How do you safeguard your organizations relationship with the public? How do you build and keep the publics trust amid new threats? Join this session to discover how to promote, protect and advance your reputation in the face of todays era of eroding trust.

Just because crises are chaotic doesnt mean your response has to be. Join this insightful session to sharpen your crisis communications skillsand learn the metrics that can help you shape a more systematic crisis communication strategy. Youll discover methods to use PR analytics to minimize damage to brand and reputationand to build greater trust in clients and influencers.

Why Attend

  • Learn Current Trends, New Concepts and Modern Ways of Performing your Role
  • Open Q & A Sessions
  • Interactive and engaging sessions with other attendees group sessions
  • Interactive and engaging sessions with experienced moderator(s)
  • Networking and Connecting with others in your career line


Join your colleagues and peers from across different sector to discuss the latest in crisis communications strategy, from identifying risks, ensuring the right channels are being used, working with the media and best practice to prepare for the unforeseeable.

Date: 20th March 2020

Venue: Villa Rosa – Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Facilitation:Ksh 24,000 + VAT or USD 240 + VAT Only ( Inclusive of all Requirements)

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