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Why Choose This Training Course?

Success in todays marketplace requires the ability to think strategically about marketing communications. Integrating the fundamentals of strategic marketing communications, such as insight and positioning, with new approaches, like digital and consumer engagement, this program will teach you how to design a solid foundation for a more powerful marketing communications strategy.

Course Objectives

To Create frameworks for developing strong marketing plans and identifying key marketing decisions prior to executing a communications plan. Understanding the impact of insight in transforming simple observations into extraordinarily profitable campaigns. Acquire tools to properly evaluate the success of a marketing campaign against planned objectives. Learn how marketing is evolving and how your organization can adapt to the changes. Engage in critical discussions around the use of new media forms and how digital has changed the game. To analyze and evaluate the fast-changing field of advertising and promotion which affects global marketing, society and economy and to develop positive communication skills by extending the marketing communication approaches and techniques into effective marketing strategy and programs which are necessary to communicating to target audiences

Career Benefits

Acquire knowledge and skills on how to create frameworks for asking and answering critical questions regarding marketing communications. One is able to view communications more broadly than traditional broadcast messages, with discussion around the digital era and social media. It will enable one to participate in integrative learning with an emphasis on developing a perfect blend of theory and practice as well as strategy and tactics

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Learn to conduct strategic planning and build effective marketing and business plans
Identify appropriate vision, mission and strategic options and translate them into

actionable tactics
Implement strategic product development programs through the stages of its life cycle
Avoid the commoditization pitfall by developing your augmented product strategy
Identify and isolate strategic pricing options
Utilize thorough customer, competitor and market analysis to identify your strategic

Optimize market share through market segmentation and targeting strategies
Gain sustainable competitive advantage through a customer-centric strategy
Implement a strategic integrated marketing promotion plan that encompasses sales

promotional campaigns
Identify and structure marketing channels based on customer expectations


Course Content


Introduction to Marketing Communications Strategy

  • Course objectives
  • Expected outcomes
  • Content and assignments

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP)

Communications process and the structure of the advertising industry.

Module 1

  • Evaluating & Setting Business Objectives
  • Evaluating your brand and unique selling points
  • Identifying the key market opportunities
  • Creating your marketing communications objectives

Module 2

  • Evaluation of the best communication channels to use
  • Building a Marketing Communications Strategy

Module 3:

Advertising, IBP, and Consumer Behaviour

  • Consumer buyer behaviour
  • The purchase decision
  • Marketing segmentation and positioning
  • Advertising planning (international) and cultural barriers
  • Advertising plan and its context
  • Communications vs. Sales objectives

Module 4

Market Segmentation, Positioning, and the Value Proposition

  • Identifying market segments
  • The positioning & repositioning strategy
  • The value proposition


Module 5

The Advertising Plan

  • The basic component
  • Setting advertising objectives
  • Setting advertising budgets
  • The role of advertising agency


Message Strategy

  • A review of information processing process
  • Categories of message strategy
  • Brand strategy

Module 6

Message Strategy (continued)

  • Verbal vs. visual messages
  • Types of advertising appeal

Public Relation and Corporate Advertising

  • Public relation
  • Corporate advertising
  • Integrated brand promotion

Building the brand and growing the business


Course Summary and Personal Take Out

  • Course Certificate
  • Handouts used during the course
  • New supportive material
  • Recommended reading
  • Links to our favorite videos
  • Photos of the day




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