How to reprogram your mind for yourself…


If you are a regular consumer of the major news program,you belong to a very persuasive and hype cult.

You need to be deprogrammed.

Start by altering how you listen to electronic radio gossip,the news,and shock and schlock TV shows.Program all the negative cynical,skeptical thoughts that you allow to flow into your mind unchecked when you hear the news.

The new is not the news.It is the bad news.It is deliberate shock.The more you accept it as news,the more you believe that “that’s the way it is,”and more fearful and cynical you will become.

How do we change it? By worrying about it?No.Rather than fretting about crime and apathy and whatever you wish would change in the world,its often very motivational to heed the words of Gandhi,who said,”You must be the change you wish to see.”

Learn to check out the bad news,sometimes smile and move on to more energizing things of life especially where you don’t have the opportunity to skip the media reports of crime and scandals.

Once you have gotten good at factoring out the negative aspects of the media today,take it a step further;Make your own news.Be your own breaking story.Don’t look to the media to tell you whats happening in your life.

Be whats happening…