Find your inner Einstein..

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The next time you see a picture of Albert Einstein,realize that is actually you.

See Albert Einstein and say,”There I am”.

Every human has the capacity for some form of genius.You don’t have to be good at maths or physics to experience genius level in your thinking.To experience Einsteins creative level of thinking,all you have to do is habitually use your imagination.

This is a difficult recommendation for adults to follow,though,because adults have become accustomed to using their imaginations for only one thing:worrying.Adults visualize worst-case scenarios all day long.All their energy for visualization is channeled into colorful pictures of what they dread.

What they don’t comprehend is that worry is a misuse of imagination.The human imagination was designed for better things. People who use imaginations to create will often achieve things that worriers never dream of achieving,even if worriers possess much higher IQs.

People who habitually access their imaginations are often hailed by their colleagues as “geniuses”_as if “genius” were a genetic characteristics.They would be better understood as people who are practiced at accessing their genius.

As a child,you instinctively used your imagination as it was intended.You day dreamed and made stuff up.If you go back into that state of self-confidence and dream again,you will be pleasantly surprised at how many innovative and immediate solutions to your problems you come up with.

Einstein used to say,”Imagination is more important than knowledge”When i first heard he had said that,I didn’t know what he meant.I always thought additional knowledge was the answer to to every difficult problem.I thought if i could just learn a few more important things,then i would be okay.What I didn’t realize was that the very thing I needed to learn was not knowledge,but skill.What I need to learn was the skill of proactive using my Imagination…

Good luck…