Domination Is Good…

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The key word is domination.

Am sure you don’t want to just play in the game of business.You want to dominate.

This is an interesting way to look at the world and you may have to train yourself to develop this perspective.Why? It really worth it.

The idea here is to go against what you have learned in most of the life.In sports,for instance,people go to great lengths to make the playing field level.After all no one want to watch a football game played on a field with 45-degree slant.One team would have an obvious advantage.In business,though,we want to find that that slant.

Dominating a market may seem like an awfully daunting task for some companies.Dominate? But we are just a small company? All the more reason to want to dominate.

Its not crazy as it sounds first.It makes perfect sense and,in fact,we know of many businesses that are dominating their market and making huge returns.

Dominating companies almost always have a trick up their sleeve.They don’t dominate a market that is defined by someone else.They have defined a market so that it gives them a good chance at domination.

The key is to have competitive advantage in a certain area so that your company brings more talent to that specific area than anybody else.

Go out and do it.Dominate your defined market…Good luck…