How long is forever?

And how soon is never? Most organizations are fundamentally incapable of planning ten years out. When a company promises to be carbon neutral by 2030, theyre actually saying that they may never be. Thats because almost all the pressures on them are short-term pressures. And it doesnt help that few people expect to be in…Read moreRead more

The chief hype officer…Really?

The chief marketing officer at a big company has an impossible job. The typical duration of a CMO is 18 months because once the CEO realizes that hype for money cant solve their problems, they get restless. The problem lies in what people think marketing is. Marketing isnt paying for ads, changing the logo or…Read moreRead more

Efficient or productive?

When time gets short (for new parents or startup founders, for example) we naturally focus on getting efficient. We can remove extraneous details and distractions and magically get much faster at getting tasks done. But being efficient is not the same as being productive. Productive is the skill of getting the right things done, so…Read moreRead more

The posture of a communicator

If you buy my product but dont read the instructions, thats not your fault, its mine. If you read a blog post and misinterpret what I said, thats my choice, not your error. If you attend my presentation and youre bored, thats my failure. If you are a student in my class and you dont…Read moreRead more

Projects vs tasks

Your job might be a series of tasks. Tasks are work where money is traded for time and effort. You put in a fixed amount of time, expending effort along the way, and you get paid. In the end, tasks are completed and its up to the boss to weave those tasks together into something…Read moreRead more

The travel agents problem

Not just travel agents, but all agents. Information scarcity is disappearing. Forty years ago, passengers didnt know which airline flew where and when. And forty years ago, airlines had no easy way to find out who wanted to fly somewhere. Today, of course, theres no shortage of information or ability to connect. So paying 10%…Read moreRead more

This one simple trick makes everything faster and easier

Here it is, tested, effective and worthwhile: Stop chasing shortcuts. Personal finance, weight loss, marketing, careers, beating traffic, relationships, education, everything that matters to someone often comes with heavily promoted shortcuts as an alternative. Fast, risk-free, effortless secrets that magically work, often at someone elses expense. But if the shortcuts worked as promised, they wouldnt…Read moreRead more

7 Ways To Captivate A Corporate Audience..

  We’re all presenting virtually all the time. Interviewing for a new job? That’s a presentation, and you’re the brand. Giving a PowerPoint demonstration to your supervisor or board? That’s a presentation, quite possibly one that could catapult your career or set you back a few notches. Don’t let those opportunities go by without maximizing…Read moreRead more

People dont change

(Unless they want to) Humans are unique in their ability to willingly change. We can change our attitude, our appearance and our skillset. But only when we want to. The hard part, then, isnt the changing it. Its the wanting it.

Caring is free…

In the short run, of course, not caring can save you some money. Don’t bother making the facilities quite so clean. Save time and hassle and let the display get a little messy. Don’t worry so much about one particular customer, because you’re busy and hiring more people takes time and money. But in the…Read moreRead more