How to be a good detective…

how to prepare for a presentation

In your professional life,whatever it is,always be curious.

When you meet with someone,think of yourself as a bumbling but friendly private detective.

Ask questions.Then ask follow-up questions.And then let the answers make you even more curious.Let the answers suggest even more questions.This will motivate you to higher levels of consciousnesses and interest.

When you prepare a meeting with someone,prepare your questions.Cultivate your curiosity.Don’t ever be at loss for questions to ask.Most of us do the opposite.We prepare our answers.We rehearse what we are going to say.We polish and strengthen our presentation,not realizing that our host would much rather talk than listen to us.

To show your prospect that you are genuinely interested,you must be the person who asks the most thoughtful questions.To convince a company that you understand it,you will ask the best follow-up questions,based on their answers.

Your curiosity will get you the business.But you cant just rely on Impulsive,on spot questioning.Being prepared is the secret.

Preparing your questions is even more important than preparing the presentation of your services.