The Rise of The Sovereign Individual…

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The ongoing transformation is both good news and bad.

The good news is that the Information Revolution will liberate individuals as never before.For the first time,those who can educate and motivate themselves will be almost entirely free to invent their own work and realize the full benefits of their own productivity.

Genius are being unleashed,free from both the oppression of government and the drags of racial and ethnic prejudice.

In this information society,no one who is truly able will be detained by the ill-formed opinions of others.

It does not matter what most of people on earth might think of your race,your looks,your age,your sexual proclivities or the way you wear your hair.In the cyber-economy,they will never see you.The ugly,the fat,the old,the disabled will vie with the young and beautiful on equal terms in utterly color-blind anonymity on the new frontiers of cyberspace.

Go for it…