Fearless,Reckless,and Feckless….

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Organizations seek out people who are fearless,but go out their way to weed out reckless.what is the difference?

Fearless doesn’t mean “without fear.” what it means in practice is “unafraid of things that one should not be afraid of.”Being fearless means giving a presentation to an important customer without losing a nights sleep.It means being willing to take intellectual risks and forge a new path.The fear is about an Imagined threat,so avoiding the fear allows you to actually accomplish something.

Reckless on the other hand means rushing into places that only a fool would go.Reckless leads to huge problems,usually on the bosses dime.Reckless is what let us to the mortgage and liquidity crisis.Reckless is way out of style.

Feckless?Feckless is the worst of all.Ineffective,Indifferent,and Lazy..

Which one is for you…??