Fear of Public Speaking…

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Why is it that a common,safe,and important task is so feared by so many people?

In Iconoclast,Gregory Berns uses his experience running a neuroscience research lab to explain the biological underpinnings of the resistance.In fact,public speaking is the perfect petri dish for exposing what makes us tick.

It turns out that the three biological factors that drive job performance and innovation are social intelligence,fear response,and perception.Public speaking brings all three together.Speaking to a group requires social intelligence.We need to make an emotional connection with people,talk about what they are interested in,and persuade them.That is difficult and we are not wired for this as well as we are wired to,say,eat fried foods.

Public Speaking also triggers huge fear responses.We are surrounded by strangers or people of power,all of whom might harm us.Attention is focused on us,and attention (according to our biology) equals danger.

Last,and more subtly,speaking involves perception.It exposes how we see things,both the thing we are talking about and the response of the people in the room.Exposing that perception is frightening.

In a contest between the rational desire to spread an idea by giving a speech and the biological phobia against it,biology has unfair advantage.Hence the need to step up and challenge yourself.

Public Speaking is a great fulfilling skills to develop,embrace the challenge today..Here are some free tips..

Good Luck..