Stevie and Marvin

When Marvin Gaye joined Motown, he went with his strengths. He wanted to work only in the studio. He hated touring and was sure he lacked the charisma and other gifts that made some musicians great onstage. This didnt really fit the labels strengths, and he struggled to find his footing. In 1962, Berry Gordy…Read moreRead more

When we give away our day, we give away our future

Time and focus and enery Sooner or later, theyre all finite. And the way we allocate our time and emotional energy determines what gets done. If we audited your day in six-minute increments, what would we find? By the clock, how did you actually spend the time you given to you (we each get the…Read moreRead more

Must-Have Skills For An E commerce Leader

  Must-Have Skills For An E commerce Leader E commerce has come a very long way in a relatively short period of time. What began as a pioneering role in the nascent world of online commerce is now a position that sits at the table with the senior most strategic decision makers of an organization,…Read moreRead more

How to manage the challenges created by the Corona virus pandemic..

    HELPFUL LINKS & INFORMATION (This section will be continually growing & evolving) A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE ———————————————————————————————————— LEADING DURING A CRISIS 5 (Practical) Cs for Leading in a Crisis/Downturn by Verne Harnish > 5 (Practical) Cs for Leading in a Crisis/Downturn by Verne Harnish (EN ESPANOL / IN SPANISH)> Facing a Company Crisis? Follow…Read moreRead more

Its not the rats you need to worry about

If you want to know if a ship is going to sink, watch what the richest passengers do. iTunes and file sharing killed Tower Records. The key symptom: the best customers switched. Of course people who were buying 200 records a year would switch. They had the most incentive. The alternatives were cheaper and faster…Read moreRead more

Success is a state of mind = integrity + action & balance

Life is what you make it but it only occurs in the present: NOW. No one forces us to do anything, but every decision that we make has an impact on the quality of our present moment. Success is a state of mind! and not only of mind but also of body and soul Successful…Read moreRead more

True professionals dont fear amateurs…

Professional farmers dont begrudge the backyard gardener his tomato harvest. Thats silly. And talented mechanics certainly dont mind the antics of the Car Talk guys (or their listeners). Sooner or later, if you need a real mechanic, youll find one, and if you dont, well, thats fine too. A few years ago, typesetting, wedding photography,…Read moreRead more

Think Consumption Is The ‘Engine’ Of Our Economy? Think Again.

  There is a fundamental illogic to the notion that an economy can be grown by encouraging consumption. When a person consumes, by definition, they use things up. The very process leaves us with less than before. Growing the availability of valuable goods and services for society by using them up is not just an…Read moreRead more

Marketing Defined…

I think that any time reality doesn’t match your expectations, it means that marketing was involved. Perhaps it was advertising, or perhaps deliberate story telling by an industry. Or perhaps it was just the stories we tell one another in our daily lives. It’s sort of amazing, even to me, how much marketing colors the…Read moreRead more

Do not take industry conditions as given, set out to reshape them in your favor

As Steve Jobs put it, You tend to get told that the world is the way it is.. But thats a very limited {View}. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact. And that is everything around you that we call life was made up by people that were no smarter than…Read moreRead more