Are you doing what you said you wanted to do?

If you want to be a poet, write poetry. Every day. Show us your work. If you want to do improv, start a troupe. Dont wait to get picked. If you want to help animals, dont wait for vet school. Volunteer at an animal shelter right now. If you want to write a screenplay, write…Read moreRead more

Im not that smart

Someone said that to me the other day and it was heartbreaking. The number of tasks in our culture that require someone who was born with off-the-charts talent is small indeed. Just about everything else we need people to do is the result of effort, practice and care. Its true that variations of that work…Read moreRead more

Where do jobs come from..?

It must be more than a coincidence that there are almost enough jobs for everyonea billion more jobs on Earth than there were a generation ago. Unemployment is debilitating and a real problem, but even high unemployment in many countries still means that most people have a job. Many times, its a job that didnt…Read moreRead more

Debt, equity and a third thing that might work better

If your business needs money, it seems as though you have two choices: Get a loan from a bank Raise equity from an investor, giving up part of your company in exchange Banks are everywhere, so the idea that they can loan us money seems obvious. And venture capitalists and the companies they fund are…Read moreRead more

Two buttons on offer

Every person in your organization needs to wear a button. And they can choose one of two. The choice is up to them, but they have to own it. One button says, I dont care. The other button says, Id like to help. Its entirely possible that youve managed your way into a bureaucracy that…Read moreRead more

Top 10: Ways To Show Confidence With Your Body Language….

  They say a picture is worth a thousand words; now picture yourself, a prospective client, walking into a board meeting or a party. How do you look? What message do you communicate the moment you walk into a room? What are your eyes, hands and shoulders saying? What information can people gather about you…Read moreRead more

Quality or effort,which one is for you..?

It seems as though the opposite of careless ought to be careful. That the best way to avoid avoidable errors is to try harder, to put more care into the work. This means that if surgeons were more careful, there would be fewer errors. And that so many of the mistakes that mess things up…Read moreRead more

Trapped by the incoming

The incoming is coming to you because a while ago, you did something brave and generous and risky. Incoming is great. Its a reward for your impact. Its a chance to serve and to make a difference. And it enables you to go to work every day. If you spend all your time dealing with…Read moreRead more

We are not the enemy (if we try)…..

Fewer than 1% of our population works hard to divide us. To pit people against one another for their selfish aims. These are the pundits, divisive politicians, media companies and short-term trolls who have decided that schisms and fights are a good way to achieve their aims. But if everyone is demonizing the other, then…Read moreRead more

Maybe this year…

  Your knowledge will reach critical mass.. Your boss will give you the go ahead.. Your family situation will be stable.. The competition will stop innovating.. The traffic jam will cease..   There won’t be any computer viruses to deal with, and Then… You can act, you can launch your project, you can make the…Read moreRead more