Where Else Would You Look…?

Comedian Jeff Fox was joking about phrases we all utter without thinking.I laughed out loud when he mentioned that people hunting for a lost item often absentmindedly announce,”I found it in the last place I looked”

Well,of course you did!Once you come across it,why would you continue searching?

I feel the same way when I”m asked about whether an organization should have a “customer-experience” focus.I always thinking,”well,where else could you focus?And why would you keep on searching?”

Think about it for a moment:is it productive to focus internally,on politics and structure of an organization?Obviously those areas require consideration,examination,and care.But if that is the primary area of concentration,your attention is in the wrong place.

The same is true if your organizations focal point is on market and your share price.

As legendary management guru Peter Drunker said,”There is only one valid definition of an organization purpose:to create a customer.”

Make it not only customer service year,rather; an awesome customer experience in every touch point.

Good luck..