Enjoy Some Stage Fright…

If you get stage fright before a big call,or before a big presentation,what does it mean? Does it mean you are a weak person?Does it mean you are unprepared? Does it mean you are immature?

No,it means none of those things.

It means you are in a truly great profession.I mean who else gets stage fright? Great actors.Military heroes.Great athletes.Sometime the President,The Prime Minister of a country.And you since you are about to participate in something big.

Stage fright doesn’t mean anything negative about you.It means you are really living.You are about to challenge yourself again to perform when there is a lot at stake.You might be about to get somewhere you have never been before.

Most people can go for years without any stage fright.Some,a lifetime.Why? Because they have cautiously worked their way under-ground into a safe haven of no risk.They have figure out how to hide out from living.They live like shy worms under the soft wet soil of life.

The only problem with a life that has no stage fright in it is that it is not a life of adventure.You might get a mild sort of satisfaction in that life sometimes.But joy?No,there is no joy.

You need stage fright to experience full living…..Good Luck..