You dont need to read many reviews to realize that the correlation between price and satisfaction isnt what you might have guessed.

Its super rare for someone to write, 5 stars. The product wasnt perfect, it wasnt exactly what I needed, but it was really cheap, so, good job!

In fact, things that are free (streaming music or movies, blog posts, speeches, etc.) almost never get bonus happiness because they had the lowest possible price.

And almost as rare is the review that says, This is terrific, it was magical and solved all my problems, but Im only giving it three stars because it had a high price.

If you want to create satisfaction, the two elements are:

Make useful promises

Keep them

Price is unrelated, except for one thing: Charge enough that you can afford to actually keep your promise. The thrill of a low price disappears quickly, but the pain of a broken promise lasts a very long time.