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One simple way to improve your productivity is to keep an agenda, whether by hand or via a day by day to-do list app. It may not sound like brilliant advice, but this small change can have effect that cannot be overstated. This guide indicates some reasons you should consider keeping to-do lists.

Today we look at one of key benefits of creating a Daily…I mean daily to do list.

Staying Motivated

Sometimes the problem isnt remembering to get stuff done or even finding the time to do it. Sometimes its as simple as not feeling like it. Keeping a daily or even hourly to-do list can improve your motivation in surprising ways.

There are two ways this works. The first, and simplest, is that it just feels good. Completing items and checking them off provides a burst of satisfaction to your brain that can be a shockingly strong psychological motivator.

Beyond that, you can stay motivated by tracking an overall goal to your tasks. As an example, lets say youre keeping an agenda for work, and your overall goal is to get a big promotion. Every item you place under that goal can be viewed as helping to get you closer to it. And every time you start to feel unmotivated, all you need to get going again is to look to the top of the list, where you have that goal written out, and remember what its all for. You can do this!