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The decline of our personal momentum.

The motor,

Heres a simple hierarchy:

The self-driving car,

Cruise control,

Manual driving,




The arc? As you move down the list, it gets harder and harder to coast. It moves from set it once and forget it to one step at at time.

The growth of audiobooks is outpacing reading. Why? Because audiobooks come with their own motor. Even readers are pointing out that theyve forgotten how to read. But of course, thats not truewe can still read a word, or even a sentence, its pushing ourselves through a chapter thats difficult.

The internet is the greatest self-teaching resource ever developed. But few take advantage of it, because it doesnt come with a motor. No tests, no certificates, no cruise control.

The decline of our personal momentum might be the great untold story of our time. That electronic media, incoming, breaking, please reply, didnt you see that, react right now, click here this has a cost. And the cost is our internal drive to initiate instead of to just react.

Someones driving. Its either you, going where you choose, or someone else, pushing you.