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Advanced MS Excel Skills Training for Professionals..

Venue ; Best Western Plus Hotel Nairobi

Date; 29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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Warehouse & Stores Management Skills Training ......

 Venue ;  Best Western Plus Hotel Nairobi

Date;  29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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ER - Employee Relations and Engagement Skills Training..

Venue ; JW Marriott Hotel-Nairobi

Date;  29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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HR Analytics and Metrics Skills Training…

 Venue ; JW Marriott Hotel-Nairobi

Date; 29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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Professional Writing Skills -, Reports, Proposals,and more..

You Are What You Write..

Writing ability is the single most important weapon you can wield in today fast world. The words you write are your best and often only chance to create an impression on customers. Just as your confidence in a vendor is affected by that person's command of the language, your prospects' opinion of you in today world is affected by your command of the written word. Before you will ever have the chance to impress customers with your superior service, expertise, or follow-up, many of your prospects will decide whether or not to do business with you by the quality of your written communications.

None of us likes to think our writing skills need improving, and even fewer of us are willing to spend the time and energy to improve them. But consider this: your larger and better-financed competitors pay professional writers to create their storefront copy, produce electronic publications and brochures, and perhaps even pen their e-mail for them. In order to compete, you must develop the same professionalism in your writing.

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Excellent Communication Skills Training....

"You can make more friends in two month by becomming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."

Dale Carnegie

As social entities, we spend a lot of time and effort in communication with others. Mastering the art of communication increases our chances of success in both professional and personal lives. Any performance improvement here will directly lead to benefits for your team, your job and your personal life. Communication skills can be learned and mastered through persistent practice.

The Communication Skills Training Materials offered by Dolphins Group focuses on core concepts vital to successful communication such as Styles of Communication, Effective Listening and Questioning Skills, Assertiveness, Empathy and more. To master communication skills, extensive interactive and hands-on exercises are provided during the training course which encourage learning and increase the delegates' confidence.

"Communication skills can be learned systematically and mastered through persistent practice."

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HR Skills for Non HR Managers..


Get these comprehensive HR skills to protect your career and company.

Managers have never been more accountable, ethically and legally; for critical human resources issues and challenges-even when HR isn’t their job. What’s more, there’s a minefield of potential vulnerability that a non-HR manager must be able to successfully navigate.

This results-oriented training shows every manager in any non-HR function how to avoid HR-related pitfalls, while capitalizing on HR-linked opportunities with greater skill and confidence.

You’ll learn how to handle sensitive matters encountered in interviewing and hiring, conduct productive performance reviews, motivate and discipline-and a host of “people” issues and thorny legal concerns. Every manager needs to be well-versed in these HR essentials and this seminar can help ensure you’re up to speed.



Strategic Performance Management Skills Training…


How to Manage and Evaluate Performance While Creating Wonderful Team Success Environment..

 What is the most important element of an organization’s success today? I believe you got it right; its people. Motivated, trained and experienced employees drive creativity, strategy and profits. This hands-on performance management program empowers with current skills required to manage talent, develop potential and close underperformance gaps.

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Unleashing The Power of PR - The Key to Successful Public Relations and Corporate Communication..


"If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I'd spend it on PR!" – Bill Gates

"Good reputation hinges not only on a company’s ability to produce a quality product but also on its ability to clearly communicate with every stakeholder at each step of the life of that product." Natasha Spring.

Public Relations plays a very crucial role in all organizations today. It has not only proven to generate just as many long distance customers as advertising but also significantly boosts the impact and effects of other forms of marketing.

This program gives an in-depth analysis of the different roles of Public Relations and the impact it has on the organization. That includes;

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Finance for non-finance Managers/Directors...Find Your Missing Links…!...


• Communicate the key concepts and principles underlying financial information, including accrual accounting
• Read the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement
• Interpret managements' financial reports and evaluate financial performance
• Identify the factors that contribute towards Return on Investment
• Apply financial analysis techniques such as break even and discounted cash flows
• Improve cost control
• Improve working capital management
• Improve planning and budgeting procedures.

Those that have recently benefited from this workshop include: Sales and Marketing Managers, Administration Managers, Technical Managers, IT Managers, Operations Managers, Business Managers and Project managers from medium to large organizations. Owners/managers from smaller organizations.

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Excellent Project Management Skills Training....

This highly interactive 3 days workshop is designed to give participants a solid foundation in the concepts, tools and techniques of formal project management. While introductory in nature, this course is extremely comprehensive, covering the five key process groups and 38 core competencies associated with effective and efficient project management practice. Participants will acquire advanced interpersonal skills and learn consensus-building techniques that help provide clarity and garner commitment from team members, customers and management.

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Lean Manufacturing (specific for the manufacturing sector)

Are you looking for:

"Satisfied Customers, Improved Production, Less Waste, an Empowered Workforce, Reduced Stock, More Space, Committed Suppliers & More Profit?"

And Better Still.... all Self-Funded! .This highly intesive Lean manufacturing training will address the above and more..

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Attitude Change-Empowering Attitude at Work...

A positive attitude in the workplace can help you whether you own your own business, work as an employee, or manage others within a business environment. You’ll enjoy your work more and achieve your workplace or business related goals more easily and faster.

Weiss (2002) has argued that job satisfaction is an attitude but points out that researchers should clearly distinguish the objects of cognitive evaluation which are affect (emotion), beliefs and behaviours. This definition suggests that we form attitudes towards our jobs by taking into account our feelings, our beliefs, and our behaviors.

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit

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The Hands-Off Manager Skills Training - How To Mentor Your Team for Success…


Building a High Performing Team...

Today’s employees do not respond to the old hands-on, militaristic management style. They are highly independent professionals with their own fully developed ideas. Leaders and managers who try to micro-manage them will inevitably confront wide spread disgruntlement, absenteeism, and turnover....and increase their own and their team stress levels.

In this high Impact training program you get a new vision being a leader and a manager, with modern examples, stories, and vibrant activities for you to proactive henceforth. More importantly, we take a deeper look on how to coach and mentor your team for Action, Result and full time Motivation.

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Building a High Performing Team..

Do you want to:

* Earn a reputation for getting teams working?
* Spot different personality types fast?
* Adapt to others to get people engaged?

And would you like to go beyond the role of ‘specialist’ and become recognised in your firm as a great ‘people person’?

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dolphins training & consultants ltd

Dynamic Media Engagement Training

The exposure the media can give you and your organisation is enormous and equivalent to many thousands of pounds worth of advertising. For this reason it is worth being fully prepared so you can make the most of what is essentially a golden opportunity.

dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenyaLearn how to prepare fully for media interview..

dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenyaDiscover how to get your message across all the time..

dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenyaAnswer difficult questions convincingly..

dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenyaEnhance your organisation's reputation..

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Effective Procurement Management...

Contemporary buying methodologies are consistently delivering measurable value in the form of enhanced financial and resources management to organizations, adopting a professional and disciplined approach to the active management of suppliers.

Building a competency in Procurement requires an investment in the development of staff skills, new processes and an exposure to the latest best practice.

The purpose of this Short Course is to provide you with that competency by:

  • Providing a detailed understanding of what procurement is
  • Developing supplier management skills
  • Accessing practical tools

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Perfect PA and Effective Office Administrator...


This course covers the key aspects of the PA and Office Administrator role. The PA and Office Administrator takes responsibility for much of the organisation and co-ordination in the office. It is a task that requires tact, diplomacy the ability to communicate with all levels.

A good Administrator makes an enormous contribution to organisation’s effectiveness and requires numerous professional skills to be successful in this role.

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I.T - Three Days Data Centre Design & Management..

Conducted by professionals with real-life experience supporting the specification, installation, testing and certification of Data Centres, this course is ideal for anyone involved in the design of a new Data Centre. It also offers valuable in formation to those wishing to maintain or upgrade existing facilities.

Starting from location considerations the course takes you on a step-by-step tour of the whole design process using a mix of presentations and hands-on practical exercises.

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Anti-Money Laundering Skills Training...


How to Spot, Manage and Prevent Money Laundering...

This training course teaches you how to implement systems to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

Course Overview

All financial institutions are legally obliged to implement systems to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. At the same time, Auditors must ensure that the spirit and letter of the law is being strictly implemented.In this high Impact program, we pick in-depth review on Essential and Practical Guide to this New Challenges.

Here is the program content ►

Train The Trainer...Increase Your Impact...


This course is often seen as a stepping stone towards enhancing a career in the field of training, learning and development, Human Resources, as well as supervisory and management roles.

The program provides for an introduction to the general principles of learning and development and an insight into the training cycle. During the course Presentation skills are also emphasised. The course is highly interactive and fast paced.

Skills on how to prepare, deliver and review training sessions are dealt with on both theoretical and practical levels. This is a challenging and exciting course and both participants and organisations gain great benefits from it.

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Governments Protocol,Image,Communication & etiquette Training...

This three days intesive course is designed for professionals working within Governments across the world,diplomatic missions and international bodies who require to learn or upgrade their protocol,communication and etiquette skills.

Som of areas covered include;

-Professional Conduct/Communications Skills -Basics to Table Etiquette from Start to Finish
-3-Course Tutorial Business Lunch -Dressing
-International, Diplomatic Rank & Status; Forms of Address; and Precedence
-Proper introductions and their responses
-The ins and outs to planning and implementing a formal dinner event
-Written Business and Social Correspondence and Invitations
-Flag Etiquette and Military Protocols
-Review; Practice session to review lessons learned that day; Pledge cards; homework assignment.
-Foreign Missions
-The Foundations to International Missions
-Understanding Cross-Cultural Differences and Awareness
-Travel Wardrobe and Packing
-Global Gift-Giving Practices
-Informal Discussion, including a lesson on wine ordering and wine etiquette
-How to use  technology in the 21st century while remaining diplomatic

-Managing your team for goverment and diplomatic assignment.

-Body Laguage the project confidence and power.

-Internation Diplomatic Standards on etiquette

For extesive proposal,please email training@dolphinsgroup.co.ke or still call from our contacts ►


Goal Setting;Key habits of Highly effective people & Organizations…

A recent delegate said about this goal setting course

“This goal setting course was invaluable to me because I never realised how important “goal focus” was.
In our organisation they keep “moving the goal posts” and nobody knows what is expected. The course shows how to create goals, draw up written plans and then communicate the goal with a positive attitude. Thank you!”

This course is for anyone who is looking to improve their ability to get the best from themselves and other people.View all here ►


The Art of Negotiation, Bargaining and Haggling skills Training...

“Negotiation in the classic diplomatic sense assumes parties are more anxious to agree than to disagree” Dean Acheson.

Negotiation is a skill that we use almost every day. However, negotiation is also one of those skills that everyone learns on the job. From early age, kids learn how to negotiate with their parents over what they want and enhance this skill as they learn from their success. However, as we grow we seem to lose that skill and become less successful in getting exactly what we want. Somehow our perspective changes and we develop bad habits. Unfortunately, most people are not trained systematically on negotiations even though this skill can be quite beneficial to them in both their personal and professional lives.

This course covers a wide range of topics such as negotiation strategy, game theory, psychological tactics, human emotional states,

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Diligent Time Management...

Achieve More in Less Time,
Everyone needs to deal with incoming “stuff” on a daily basis, whether they are mails, emails, calls, information packs, messages, your own thoughts or even random events like the breakdown of your car. We need to deal with a collection of unrelated stuff at work and at home using only “one” mind. If you increase your efficiency in dealing with these, you stand to gain enormously.

Many systems exits and numerous productivity books and courses attempt to impose one system or other to their audience. These systems prove to be effective at first, but seem to get forgotten over time and people fall back to their bad habits once more. Over time, as more systems are learned and tested, a sense of hopeless develops that no matter what time management system is used, the result is never good.

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Excellent Event Management ..

This is a Two Days Course on Leadership Skills, Project Management, Budgeting, Venue Selection, Planning and Other Skills Required to Run an Event

“Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy”

The event industry is growing rapidly. Today we have more events to attend than ever before. Art galleries, music tours, cultural festivals, sports of all kinds, corporate events, product launches, conferences, exhibitions and so on. The list is endless. This growth has led to a competitive market where each an event is competing for our attention against other events and activities.

This competition has put pressure on event organisers to simultaneously produce more elaborate events while cutting the admission and running costs. This requires a systematic event management process while constantly thinking of creative ideas that can make your event stands out from the competition.

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Record Management & Information Technology In Record Keeping Training...

This course covers Records Management from the perspective of Records Managers, Administrators and all staff involved on records and data development, maintenance and management.

The highly developed skills will enable you to manage your organization’s records through their complete lifecycle as well as understanding how to setup file plans and security.

You will gain an understanding of the best practices applicable to the use of the Records Management and ICT.

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Executive Impact, Image, Business etiquette and Presentation Skills Training...

In a technologically sophisticated, performance driven and bottom line oriented society, success in business today also depends on the mastery of "soft skills." How you present yourself and the substance of your communication speaks volumes about your credibility.

Through extensive research and time-tested methodologies, recognized authorities have proven that the core of executive presence combines style, communication, influence, behavior and power to create a positive and memorable impression and impact in business situations. This key combination allows professionals to successfully convey their knowledge, passion, and authentic self.

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Simplified Strategic Planning Skills Training...


This workshop is perfect for you if your existing strategic planning is not giving you the results you need.

Poor strategic planning is worse than no strategic planning. It can be a big waste of time and money. Even worse, it can lead to disaster. Avoid all this with Simplified Strategic Planning - a proven process to focus for superior performance without straining your resources.

Whether you've been doing strategic planning for years or starting from scratch, you can acquire a streamlined process for developing and implementing your strategy. In just two days, you will have learned this time-tested methodology, which has produced outstanding results for thousands of companies from a wide variety of business types.

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Master Online PR and Social Media Skills...


Are you prepared for the Ongoing Digital Revolution?

The CIM(Chartered Institute of Marketing) study asked 1500 businesses worldwide about their use and attitude towards social media and found that 4 in 5 marketers said their business was “fundamentally ill-equipped to take advantage of social media.” Only less than a quarter of those questioned had established any solutions for this lack of competency.

Don’t let this lack of skill affect your business and growth while your competitors pick your market share..

The radical shift to the Internet for news and information has changed the practice of public relations and marketing. Social media training, and the development of social media skills across the organization, has become an essential part of PR training today.

Social media touches all aspects of your business it makes sense to develop a training program for all members of the organization.
Some, like the PR,IT, marketing and customer service people, will need more hands-on skills training. However, HR, risk management and legal also need to know what social media is and how it is being deployed. Your C-suite may be the most in need of social media literacy so they are up to speed on these new technologies.

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Executive Assistant Master Class Skills Training... Mombasa
Asset Management Skills Training....

Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date; 29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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Talent Management Skills Training...

Venue ;  Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date; 29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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Monitoring & Evaluation Masterclass Skills Training...Mombasa

Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date  29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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