Executive Public Speaking & Business Presentation Skills Training_

 dolphinsgroup_tick  Overcome nerves and deliver speech with confidence...

 dophins_group_tic_icon  Discover how to engage with your audience....

 dophins_group_tic_icon  Learn how to make real impact with your audience....

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Business Analytics,Data Analysis and Metrics Skills Training…

Venue; Our In-House Training location - Park Place,Limuru Road

Date; 28th To 30th April 2020

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Effective Managerial Leadership & Supervisory Skills Training....

Venue; Our In-House Training location - Park Place,Limuru Road

Date;  28th To 30th April 2020

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Excellent Meeting Management and Minute Taking Skills Training....

Venue; Our In-House Training location - Park Place,Limuru Road

Date; 29th To 30th April 2020

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Governments Protocol,Communication & etiquette Skills Training..

Venue; Nyali Sun Africa Beach Hotel & SPA Mombasa

Date; 27th April To 1st May 2020

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Executive Public Speaking & Business Presentation Skills Training....


Our Wealth and Health improves with our ability to communicate…

Do not let your presentation, or the lack of presenting, drag you behind. Public Speaking and Business Presentation Skills can be learnt and honed to perfection.

Indisputably, these skills can propel you forward professionally and socially; while enabling you to pick more and more opportunities.

Whether you're a complete beginner to public speaking and business presenting or looking to improve existing skills; this training will bring out the best in you or your staff...

       dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenyaOvercome your nerves and deliver a speech with confidence.

       dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenyaDiscover how to engage with your audience.

       dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenyaLearn how to make a real impact on your audience.

       dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenyaLearn to speak with greater conviction and authority.

      dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenya Discover the power of clear and persuasive message

        dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenya 3 ways to be different...

        dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenya Gain the magic formula for all time success..

        dophins_group_tick_nairobi_kenya Realise your true potential....

  • Increase your Confidence,
  • Bring out your Competence and that of  your organization  without limitation,
  •  Gain Credibility with your audience,
  • Increase your sales & market share,
  • Present your Tender proposals with Confidence and as an able team,
  • Achieve positive results in your field of work,
  • Deliver with Passion, yes Passion.. and Commitment ,
  • Live life to the full...Share your ideas,fulfill your mission...

FREE Top Image,Dressing and etiquette session.

Venue: Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Facilitation:   Ksh 49,000 + VAT or USD  490  + VAT

Contact: Anne or Caroline,  anne@dolphinsgroup.co.ke  or  caroline@dolphinsgroup.co.ke

Tel: +254 20 2211362 / 382        Fax 254  20  2211386    Cell 254-(0) 712-636 404

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Some Previous Attendant had this to say;

Absolutely wonderful experience...Everyone determined to grow career wise should attend this course. It’s a key step on learning how to effectively engage diverse audience and executing perfect impactful presentation – Charity Mundia, Senior M-Pesa Marketing Communication Officer, Safaricom.

From my experience, “Business presentation and public speaking training is a prerequisite learning process for everybody” and I quote -Batram Muthoka, CEO, ASK.

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 • Training and Implementation - Working together for your Real Time Success...

In-House Public Speaking and Business Presentation Skills Training

Want to empower your team at your convenient investment?

We run in-house public speaking and business presentation courses throughout the Kenya,East Africa and Africa English Speaking Countries,all to bring out the best in you.

In essence,all highlighted open entry public courses can be delivered in-house.Furthermore,the porgram(s) can be tailored to your specific requirements. For example, we can modify the training duration / content of these courses to create a program as per your current needs.

In addition to above,we can also work with you to design and deliver Public Speaking and business presentation training for your staff to help them prepare for a specific  event.

Much of our training is small group based (e.g. up to 20-25 attendees session)for high impact and extensive participation.

Contact us today to discuss your tailored in-house public speaking and business presentation training needs ; email training@dolphinsgroup.co.ke

1-2-1 Personal Training in Public Speaking and Business Presentation Skills

So how does it work?

We regularly work with a wide range of senior managers and executives from all business and public sectors. We recognise that each person is different, with different business pressures and different training requirements. Hence our one to one training sessions are customised to your specific needs.

Prior to running any session with you we will arrange for you to discuss things further (on the telephone) with the trainer who will be working with you to ensure that we are able to make the best possible use of your time in the actual training session.

Where does the coaching take place?

This intensive and very personalised training are conducted at International life house -CBD(Cental Business District) Nairobi.

We have ample spacious facilities for the training.Moreover,all training materials and catering services are provided,enjoy FREE lunch at The Sarova Stanley during your training day(s).

Please contact us for personalised quotation and logistics. email coaching@dolphinsgroup.co.ke

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Tips..for you..

One of the most common reasons why we are not able to maintain a calm relaxed manner when we have to stand up and speak in public is a fear of embarrassment. We are afraid to make fools of ourselves and because of this we don’t take full advantage of ..Read More..



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We shared a lot. I am a changed person even the entire office is surprised. I will forever remember remember the training- Vinic Sarange Ombaso

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Amazing trainings, quite relevant and fulfilling, 9 out of 10. Empower more and more people –Vincent KK, Safaricom ltd



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