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   ►Can anyone be Rich?

   ►What is the path to increasing your Assets?

   ►Do liabilities rule your life?

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Perfect PA and Effective Office Administrator Skills Training..

Venue; Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Date; 25th To 27th September 2019

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Strategic Marketing and Communication Skills Training…

Venue; Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Date; 25th To 27th Sept 2019

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Business Analytics,Data Analysis and Metrics Skills Training…

Venue;  Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Date; 30th October To 1st Nov 2019

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Effective Managerial Leadership & Supervisory Skills Training....

Venue; Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Date; 30th October To 1st Nov 2019

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Rich Dad Books & Cash Flow Board Games..

Rich Dad Books

Are You Sure You Want to Be “Rich”?

A recent article I read in Fortune Magazine entitled “Why the ‘rich’ aren’t feeling so rich”, highlights further what I mean by this. The article’s author, Shawn Tully, invented a term that is catching on—HENRY. It’s an acronym for “High Earners, Not Rich Yet”. What Tully is getting at is that those we’d consider rich because they make a lot of money,  aren’t really rich at all.


Because they lose so much money to taxes, their income is based on the services they provide rather than passive income from investments, and they spend their money on liabilities instead of on assets that produce cash flow.

These Books will open your eyes.. pick any from our local authorised reseller bookshop..Text Book Centre(s)

 Cashflow board games

 To be on the right side of the CASHFLOW Quadrant, you need a high financial intelligence. That means you need to continually increase your financial education. Read books, play cashflow,attend seminars, network with like-minded individuals, and change your mindset.


For any enquiries please email to; richdadproducts@dolphinsgroup.co.ke

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We shared a lot. I am a changed person even the entire office is surprised. I will forever remember remember the training- Vinic Sarange Ombaso

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Amazing trainings, quite relevant and fulfilling, 9 out of 10. Empower more and more people –Vincent KK, Safaricom ltd



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