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ER - Employee Relations and Engagement Skills Training..

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                     Audience dynamics                                                 2012                             dolphins group public speaking tips nairobi kenya

No-one appreciates not being able to hear, or not being heard. The next time someone tells you to “project” or to “speak up,” remember that projecting your voice is much more than just making it louder. You project your voice by allowing it to shine with your personality, and having confidence that you have something unique to say. You project your voice with passion for your message by setting a clear intention, and you project your voice by developing a resonant sound that is supported with your whole body through air and energy.

One of the most common reasons why we are not able to maintain a calm relaxed manner when we have to stand up and speak in public is a fear of embarrassment. We are afraid to make fools of ourselves and because of this we don’t take full advantage of all the natural personal resources we have to help us break through the fear factor.

Moreover,one of our most powerful resources is ourselves. What we do physically when we speak in front of an audience can have a tremendous impact on how we feel.enjoy your day and be heard..


Positive actions                                                        

For example – try the following exercise standing in front of a mirror:

* Hunch your shoulders
* Hang your head down
* Look towards the floor

Now try to introduce yourself in a positive and enthusiastic way. It’s almost impossible to do.

Now try again but this time but this time stand in front of the mirror

* Straighten your back
* Lift your head
* Look directly in front at yourself

Feel the difference compared with the first time.

What you have done is given yourself a strong starting position that helps you to look more confident to your audience. If you do this before you start to speak in public, you are bound to feel more confident.

You can do a similar thing if you have to speak sitting down. Take a strong sitting position with your back fully supported by your chair, your feet on the floor and ideally your arms in an open relaxed position.


dolphins training & consultants ltd nairobi kenya public speaking tips


Talking like a professional                                    

It may be easy to talk about your presentation topic in normal conversation but as soon as you are standing in front of an audience, you may become more hesitant and sound less fluent.

To talk like a professional you must speak with enough clarity and confidence so that the audience hear every word you say. If they can’t hear every word they will soon start to lose interest and switch off.

To help maintain a clear and confident style try the following vocal technique:

* Take your time over every word you say – don’t snatch at or merge words or syllables together.
* To do this you must open your mouth (it’s amazing how many people try to speak through a tense, closed mouth!) and move it enough to make all the word sounds.
* The consonant sounds are like the muscles of the word. They give the voice greater clarity and conviction. It is important to pronounce them clearly otherwise your voice can sound mumbled and you will look hesitant and unconvincing to your audience.

Taking care to look and sound more confident is something that can be overlooked when you are focusing intently on your presentation content. But by applying the simple techniques described in this article, you can develop a more relaxed, confident and convincing style to create a more professional image.


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