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Office Management Masterclass Skills Training....Mombasa

Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date 25th To 29th January 2021 (Five Days)

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CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility Skills Training...Mombasa

 Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date; 25th To 29th January 2021 (Five Days)

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ER - Employee Relations and Engagement Skills Training....Mombasa

Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date; 25th To 29th January 2021 (Five Days)

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Executive Assistant Master Class Skills Training...Mombasa

 Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date; ; 25th To 29th January 2021 (Five Days)

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Effective Managerial Leadership & Supervisory Skills Training - How To Mentor Your Team for Success

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Building a High Performing Team...


2-Days Course Includes Comprehensive Content on Leadership and Management.

Today’s employees do not respond to the old hands-on, militaristic management style. They are highly independent professionals with their own fully developed ideas. Leaders and managers who try to micro-manage them will inevitably confront wide spread disgruntlement, absenteeism, and turnover....and increase their own and their team stress levels.

In this high Impact training program you get a new vision being a leader and a manager, with modern examples, stories, and vibrant activities for you to proactive henceforth. More importantly, we take a deeper look on how to coach and mentor your team for Action, Result and full time Motivation.

The Dale Carnegie Inst. in collaboration with Dolphins Group Leadership Program teaches participants about organisational leadership and its role in guiding the organisation toward vision fulfillment. Participants will learn how to define an organisation's vision, draft a vision statement and communicate it, set goals that are aligned with an organisation's vision, and discuss the importance of planning changes before implementing them.

Program activities also cover providing team for organizational changes, motivating your team through change, solving problems encountered during change, and helping team deal with grief and stress during changes. Participants will also learn how leaders can help team learn their roles in organisations, align their goals with those of the organisation, and help prevent employee apathy. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure participant success.


Target Audience:
Team leaders and managers, Supervisors, Unit Heads, Departmental Heads, New managers or supervisors, experience managers who looking for new ways to enhance their skills and Team, Dynamic leaders and managers aiming to empower and transform their department, units or organization. It is also for those who need to gain a better insight into the organization aspects of being valuable, resourceful and always focused...

Key Participant Benefits:
• Helps understand the difference between management and leadership and when to employ which one
• Creates opportunity to consider corporate and/or team vision and its effective use in motivation
• Provides strategies to help navigate change to help align current performance to the envisioned outcome

Key Organization Benefits
• Encourages managers to reinforce the company vision throughout the company
• Increases satisfaction of general staff through adequate change management in bridging gaps between current and desired circumstances
• Encourages leadership and initiative from managers which inspires general staff

At Course Completion:
• Identify a leader and the role of leadership.
• Communicate the vision and gain support for the vision. Implement the organisations vision.
• Determine leader roles and strengthen employee roles. Align employee priorities and evaluate employee performance.
• Motivate team.
-Overcome employee apathy.
• Identify the phases of the change process. Communicate change and identify the benefits of change.
• Motivate team through a change and prepare for difficulty. Overcome resistance and resolve conflict.
• Respond to distress and reduce stress. Succeed through failure and handle mistakes.



Lesson 1: Personal Leadership and Management - It starts with you
• Role of leadership
• Understanding differences between a leader and a manager
• Identifying a leader
• Vision
• Defining a vision
• Analysing a situation
• Writing a vision statement
• Goals
• Setting goals

Lesson 2: Making vision a reality
• Communicate and support vision
• Communicating effectively
• Gaining support and empowering team
• Implement vision
• Implementing vision

Lesson 3: Defining employee roles and priorities
• Employee roles
• Understanding roles of a leader
• Understanding role of an employee
• Empowering an employee
• Employee priorities
• Aligning employee priorities
• Evaluating team performance
• Providing feedback to team

Lesson 4: Employing motivational strategies
• Employee motivation
• Understanding guidelines
• Employee apathy
• Identifying hindrances

Lesson 5: Planning for change
• Change process
• Understanding the Awareness phase
• Understanding the Achievement phase
• Communication
• Informing team
• Communicating change
• Understanding benefits of change

Lesson 6: Motivating your team through change
• Motivate team through change
• Acting as a role model
• Understanding guidelines to motivate team through change
• Solving problems during change
• Resistance and conflict
• Resolving conflict

Lesson 7: Coping through a change process
• Effects of change
• Understanding workplace changes
• Identifying the sources of stress
• Failures and mistakes
• Dealing with mistakes


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We shared a lot. I am a changed person even the entire office is surprised. I will forever remember remember the training- Vinic Sarange Ombaso

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