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Advanced MS Excel Skills Training for Professionals..

Venue ; Best Western Plus Hotel Nairobi

Date; 24th To 28th June 2024 (Five Days)

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Warehouse & Stores Management Skills Training ......

 Venue ;  Best Western Plus Hotel Nairobi

Date;  24th To 28th June 2024 (Five Days)

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ER - Employee Relations and Engagement Skills Training..

Venue ; JW Marriott Hotel-Nairobi

Date;  24th To 28th June 2024 (Five Days)

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HR Analytics and Metrics Skills Training…

 Venue ; JW Marriott Hotel-Nairobi

Date; 24th To 28th June 2024 (Five Days)

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View Testimonials- Perfect PA and Effective Office Administrator Skills Training...

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Some of the previous attendants had this to say...


dolphins group perfect PA and effective office administrator training



A very insightful training, I recommend it - Kasara Susan Ben, Human Resources Office – The Gulf Group

The training was exceptionally good, the trainers were excellent and I have learnt a lot – Mabe Clement, Program Assistant – WHO

The trainers are great, knowledgeable and straight to the point, a life changing course – June Sintoyia, Office Administrator – AFEX Group

Excellent trainer, wonderful training – Mary Mwihia, PA to Office Administrator – Saende and Ochola Advocates

The experience I received for the training was awesome. I learnt a lot, a positive addition to my career and personal a life. Am grateful for the knowledge shared - Lorraine Anyango, Administrator – Finlays Horticulture

This course has taken me to the next level in my career, I go back to work a perfect, equipped Administrator –  Elizabeth Kariuki, Administration Assistant – De Ruiter East Africa

The facilitators were good and realistic, as they put us to practise not just theory we literally practise what they preached – Beth Mwando, Marketing Officer – AFEX Group

The course was an eye-opener with regards to the changes that we need to make from within to enable an effective work environment – Vivian Otieno, PA to MD – Zen Garden Ltd

This is the most practical training that I have attended so far. Thank you Dolphins Group – Eunice Njoroge, Administrator – Mamlaka Hill Chapel

The course has enlightened and empowered me. Wonderful training professional trainers – Mary Kuria, PA – Diamond Trust Bank

The course is very competitive, every PA or Administrator needs this training to keep you at the top of your game. The trainers are the best - Beth Wariu, PA – Mohammed Muigai Advocates 

This is a life changing training for administrator, I am a changed person and now I believe that I have the best job – Susan Ng’ang’a, Advocacy Assistant – KEPSA

An excellent training that I enjoyed every bit of with exception trainers – Yeno Lily, Administrative Assistant – WHO Sudan

The depth of wisdom and knowledge I got is priceless and I am better equipped to understand and perform my best at work. I look more to Dolphins Group trainings – Annah Kabuiya Njoroge, Administrator – Mamicha and Co Advocates

An out of this world experience in terms of the knowledge gained on all the facets of office administration and PA roles. In addition, the real life experiences incorporated in the training helped to make everything clear. I believe from this training I will now be an efficient employee – Esther Muigai, Executive Assistant – KEPSA

A relevant and wonderful course worth the effort and time – Molly Kayitesi, Administrative Assistant – Rwanda Broadcasting Agency

The trainers were on point, am well informed and the experience was awesome - Mary Njeri Tharao, PA and Office Administation – Private Wealth Ltd

The course was very informative and insightful, I learnt quite a lot and the experience was spectacular especially the practicality of what we learnt - Beryl Auma, PA to MD and Account Manager

The course was educative and the trainers were very informative and very impressive. Keep up the good work Dolphins – Zainabu Makokha, Secretary – Captial Markets Authority



The course was very relevant and practical, the trainers were excellent and very knowledgeable in their respective fields. They were also very inspiring, friendly people who connect with the audience – Christina Otieno, Admin Assistant Deloitte Ltd

  An eye opener on how to view my job and life in a positive manner. It was all rounded – Josephine Wangari, Personal Assistant Anjarwalla & Khanna

I really learnt a lot and the trainers helped me to improve in various areas – Laura Njeri, Personal Assistant Africa Legal Network (ALN)

This course was worth it – Elizabeth Mutheu, Personal Assistant African Legal Network (ALN)

The course was excellent, the trainers were the best. Friendly, interactive and above all full of positive impact – Joyce Muthoni, Personal Assistant Evansoft Corporation Limited

The course was the most memorable, indulging and educative session I have attended – Clementina Nyanyi, PA to the Director Finance Grain Bulk Handlers Ltd

I think Dolphins group are the best in the industry – Daniel Mutua, Registry,Deloitte Ltd

The course was an eye opener, I fully understood the critical role of an administrator and PA and the numerous opportunities for growth and career progression – Priscylar Wamiru, Admin Assistant FHI360

The course is very informative and quite practical for PA’s and administrators. I think it’s the best thing that has ever happened to PA’s and administrators – Maureen Chiriba, Administrator GIBB Africa Ltd

I am amazed at the delivery in this training. It is so factual, it is a reality. I would not only recommend it to PA’s and administrators but for all levels in the organization – Ruth N. Mwai, Assistant Dean USIU

The course was well structured and gave a great overview of the PA and admin role as well as focusing on day to day challenges of managing the workplace and people. The trainers are excellent facilitators – Anne Mwangi

The course is very relevant and educative. The trainers are smart and have delivered well; I would definitely come again – Emma Gachoki, Admin Assistant Deloitte Ltd

The course was an eye opener and full of take away skills and knowledge. The trainers were brilliant and exceptional, keep it up! – Rose Oteri, Admin Assistant Deloitte Ltd

The trainers are knowledgeable and engaging; I am motivated to be my best in everything – Tabitha Leisin, PA to the General Manager Heineken East Africa Ltd

This course is quite empowering in the most simple way, the impact is great – Carol Iminza, Front Office Attendant Sarova Hotels

The course is very refreshing and very enlightening. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve themselves and their career – Jamila Mbaiza, Executive Assistant Takaful Insurance of Africa Ltd

Impactful, very relevant and inspiring – Evelyn Muhoro, Personal Assistant ComzAfrica Ltd


An eye opener for me. Personal branding was the best training impact I got from the two days – Jacqueline Lugusa, Personal Assistant CDSC

It is a mind opening course – Margaret Nderitu, Secretary Kenya Builders & Concrete Company Ltd

The trainers are well experienced with a lot of discipline, tolerance and respect – Samwel O. Miguna, Assistant Administration Officer KPA


Enlightening, highly informative and insightful course on all the soft skills a PA and office administrator needs. After the course you come out a well-rounded person – Magdaline Kamunya, HR & Administration Manager C&R Group

The course was well organized; facilitators are perfect, very friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed every aspect of the training because all staff are warm and encouraging – Purity W. Kiratu, Senior Administration Officer National Irrigation Board


The course was professionally done; the trainers were cheerful and kept the group alive – Jane Lithimbi, Personal Assistant KPA

The trainers, Derek and Faith were amazing. They used practical examples and above all incorporated humor, allowing us to contribute freely – Adelaide Mbagaya, PA to Director PBB CFC Stanbic

  very educative. It has changed me and I recommend the trainers to continue with the same spirit –Caroline Mwangi, Personal Assistant to HR Kenya Builders & Concrete Company Ltd

Helping one to find their tools again – Pauline Wanjau, Administration Assistant & Programme Manager African Jesuit Aids Network

The environment was condusive for learning – Olive Mwangi, Daykio Plantations Ltd

I encourage PA’s and office administrators to enroll for this course, it’s very informative. You get to know more on how to deal with your boss and seniors – Joan Wanyoike, Executive Assistant Kenya Institute of Supplies Management

The course was well organized and timely. The trainers and facilitators were excellent – Sebastian M. Mbusya, Administrator Christian Medical& Dental Association of Kenya

The trainers are amazing; they made the course exciting– Eva Njeru, PA to Area Director Sales & Marketing Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

The trainers were exceptionally great. They knew exactly what they needed to express, gave good examples and life experiences. It was just wow! – Regina Mwasya, PA to Managing Director Grain Bulk Handlers Ltd

Great course for all PA’s – Tajinder Valji, Executive Personal Assistant Computech Limited


Dolphins Group has the best trainers who coordinated very well and made us feel at ease – Tazemin Rajani, PA to Managing Director Easy Coach Limited

The course was refreshing and professionally handled by the trainers. I had a wonderful experience, thank you – Esther Muriithi, PA &Administrator Pfizer

The course was well laid out and well timed. The trainers are well experienced and good presenters – Caroline Maingi, Personal Assistant Kenya Builders & Concrete Company Ltd

I have been to many training programs over my career but have found Dolphins Group to be the most efficient, effective, content oriented and builds the whole person -not just an office worker –Nancy W. Ndung’u, Program Assistant IDRC


Excellent quality of training, superb and awesome – Bursuna Ejere, Administration/ Personal Assistant – Maasai Mara University

I learnt a lot and was able to interact with different people. The trainer was very straight forward and engaging. I would definitely recommend the course! -  Nabilla Maalim Mohamed, Executive Assistant – Orchid Capital Limited

The trainers are very motivating and encouraging, they are perfect. A course excellent for all Personal Assistants and Administrators – Dorcas Thuo, Assistant Administrator - Van Den Berg (K) Limited

The training lifts the PA/Executive Assistant  to a new level, powerful and motivated to excel in performance – every professional satisfaction – Anne- Marie Butuba, Regional Program Assistant – IDRC

The facilitators are knowledgeable about the course, it was well executed - Fiona Otieno, Personal Assistant to G.M. – Multichoice (K) Limited

I enjoyed every bit of the training and would recommend it to my workmates and colleagues to attend. I have learnt how to handle people and manage my work with a positive attitude - Helsheba Akello, Administration – Van Den Berg (K)

With this training you will return back to your office, home, personal life as a changed person with a better attitude just as I did – Irene Mwangi, PA to Regional Director – CBM International

It’s such an impactful and life changing training, I had no idea what I was missing, with this training I am a new brand -  Agaba Bruno , PA – Rwanda Broadcasting Agency

After this training I leave a fully equipped PA armed with the necessary skills and attitudes. Thank you Dolphins Group for showing me my potential - Mohamed Adam, Administrative Associate – UNOCHA Somalia

A very informative, eye-opening and positive training towards career development in the practical world – Lucy Nakibuka, Secretary – German Development Bank

A very informative training that has provided me the necessary platform to be excellent and excel in my career - Rebecca Barasa, P.A. – Youth Enterprise Development Fund

I would recommend this training because it is objective and will highly assist in changing attitudes towards work and career growth – Jean Akisai, Office Administrator – Tropical Power (K)

The trainers are excellent; a very unique PA training that is very engaging and transformational. I would recommend it to every administrator – Carol Kobia, Executive Assistant – G4S Kenya

I would recommend this training without hesitation; I come out of it a rejuvenated and re-energized individual – Bonnie Oduor, Office Manager – Beacon Health Services

This course was eye opening for me in terms of appreciating m job. The trainers were awesome, loved all the sessions - Yvonne Kanyi, Executive Assistant – Ambient Construction Limited

The course is excellent and eye opening, it is full of information and mind changing concepts – Phylis Mwangi, Administrative Assistant – Maasai Mara University

A very knowledgeable and confident training that I recommend - Neziah Wachenje, Executive Assistant – Sun Africa Hotels

The trainers were knowledgeable and they know their content well, they gave us their best. A wonderful training – Jane Karanja ,Administration Officer – Diamond Trust Bank

A life charming training, that has moulded me into a different person, more positive and knowing that I have the power -  Virginia Muisyo – Tropical Power (K) Limited

I was inspired hence I will aspire to inspire others - Mercy Kinyanjui, Senior Administration Manager – Joytharc International

Organized well prepared and knowledgeable oriented. The course was excellent and I learnt a lot - George Oguda, External Exam Officer – College of Human Resource Management

The course was amazing, interactive, interesting and informative. Thank you for empowering us!  Cynthia Buyaki, Personal Assistant to the GM – Karen Country Club



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