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Office Management Masterclass Skills Training....Mombasa

Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date 25th To 29th January 2021 (Five Days)

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CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility Skills Training...Mombasa

 Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date; 25th To 29th January 2021 (Five Days)

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ER - Employee Relations and Engagement Skills Training....Mombasa

Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date; 25th To 29th January 2021 (Five Days)

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Executive Assistant Master Class Skills Training...Mombasa

 Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date; ; 25th To 29th January 2021 (Five Days)

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Effective Procurement Management Skills Training.....

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Building a competency in Procurement requires an investment in the development of staff skills, new processes and an exposure to the latest best practice.

The purpose of this hands on program is to provide you with that competency by:

  • Providing a detailed understanding of what procurement is
  • Developing supplier management skills
  • Accessing practical tools

Each session covers an aspect of active supplier management in detail and introduces you to various practical tools that are available while managing a supplier relationship.

At the end of the program, you are provided with a resource book, templates and self-training documentation that you can pursue independently.

The emphasis is on a practical easy-to-follow approach rather than a rigorous theoretical dissertation on the subject of procurement.

Topics Covered;

Procurement Strategy & Strategic Sourcing Framework

  • Introduction to Procurement
  • Assessing the need for change
  • Initiating the case study
  • The best practice framework for Procurement
  • How to categorise your supplier base
  • Distinguishing between tactical and strategic
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Total Cost of Ownership and Documenting value add activities

-Examples of Practical Tools

  • The four quartiles of supplier categorisation
  • Opportunity assessment template
  • Developing an Investment Strategy

Selection Implementation and Management of the Right Supplier

  • Identifying potential strategic supplier partners
  • Supplier selection
  • Supplier consolidation
  • Building the right capability
  • Building and reinforcing new behaviours and mindsets
  • Supplier Development
  • Active Management
  • Measuring Supplier Performance Supplier Selection tools.

-Examples of Practical Tools

  • Supplier Development Plans
  • Supplier Value Index

Who should attend

This program is targeted at the following categories of people:

Business managers who want to know more about supplier management
Buyers who want to actively manage their supplier base


Upon completing the program, you will learn:

  • Answers to a number of questions regarding procurement
  • What is supplier management?
  • Why do you need to actively manage external relationships?
  • What are tools and techniques that may be applied?
  • How should these be selected?
  • What are the key phases of supplier management?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a Procurement Manager?
  • Information which will enable you to manage your supplier relationships better
  • A good knowledge of a procurement management framework
  • An understanding of supplier management tools and techniques
  • A practical approach that can be applied to any supplier relationship
  • An opportunity to discuss case studies with other managers from similar industries



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We shared a lot. I am a changed person even the entire office is surprised. I will forever remember remember the training- Vinic Sarange Ombaso

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