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I.T - Three Days Data Centre Design & Management..

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Course Content

DAY 1:
- What is a data centre and what does it do?
-Introduction to Data Centre Infrastructure Standards (ISO/IEC 24764, TIA 942,EN50173-5)
- The major elements of a Data Centre and how they relate to each other
-Data Centre Location Considerations
-Service Availability
- The Uptime Institute Tier ratings
-Data Centre Structure
-Topology Options

DAY 2:
- Introduction to Cabling Standards (ISO/IEC 11801, TIA/EIA 568-C, EN-50173 series)
- Cable Performance Requirements
-Fibre Optic vs Balanced Twisted Pair (Copper)
- Cabling- Fibre Optic and Balanced Twisted-Pair channel
- design
-Pre-terminated and Plug-and-play cabling options
-Parallel Fibre Optics
-Cable termination options
-Intelligent Infrastructure Management systems

DAY 3:
Equipment Power Requirements/Usage
- Power Supplies and UPS
- Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Computer Room
- Air Conditioning (CRAC)
- Actual Data Centre temperature requirements
- Air Management Strategy
- Hot and Cold Aisle approach
- Air Cooling vs Water/Liquid Coolant methods
- Data Centre Power Efficiency an d Metrics
-Codes of Conduct
- Earthing and Bonding
- Safety and Security
-Fire Detection and Suppression

1. What is a data centre?
• The Data Centre stack
• TIA 942 spaces and hierarchical model
• Types of Data Centre

2. The importance of design project Management
• Main design considerations
• Developing a project plan
• Emergency lighting and signage
• Services and facilities

3. Scoping the requirement
• Identifying key stakeholders
• Market and political drivers
• Global, US and European standards
• Availability and resilience classifications
• Introduction to Uptime Model of Tiering
• TIA 942 recommendations for location,size, heights, floor loading, lighting and décor

4. Raised access floors
• Global, US and European standards
• Recommended floor heights
• Airflow and sealing
• Ramps and access
• Seismic protection

5. Cabinets
• Requirements of a cabinet
• Security, safety and stabilization
• Clearance, accessibility and ventilation
• Cable Management
• Common design issues

6. Earthing
• ASome electrical principles, volts,amps, watts, kVA, power factor and three phase
• Regulations and Codes
• The meaning of N, N+1 2(N+1) etc
• Power delivery and losses
• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) options
• Generator considerations
• Power Distribution Units
• Power distribution to and in a rack
• Emergency Power Off (EPO)
• Estimating power requirements

7. Cooling
• Global, US and European Standards
• Basics of air conditioning principles
• CRAHs and CRACs
• Operational parameters
• Underfloor plenum approach
• Hot aisle/cold aisle model
• Psychrometric charts
• Min and max throw distances for
underfloor air
• Bypass and recirculation
• Airflow Management
• Chilled water racks, CO2, Passive Air

8. Earthing & Bonding
• Applicable standards
• The terminology of earthing,
grounding and bonding
• Equipotential bonding
• Functional earths
• The Signal Reference Grid (SRG)

9. Cable Containment
• Applicable standards
• Separation of power and data cables
• Administration and labelling
• Types of conduit, trunking, tray etc
• Earthing and bonding
• Fill rules
• Cable management in and to a rack European fire
• Fire stopping

10. Delivering the IT Strategy
• Data centre equipment
• Functions and protocols, current and future
• Data centre connections
• Cabling requirements
• Cabling standards
• Cabling options
• The impact of 40G and 100G
• The impact of virtualization

11. Copper Cabling Components
• Cabling standards
• Cable Standards, 10GBASE-T and CAT6A, Cat 7A
• Screened v unscreened cables
• High density patching
• Alien Crosstalk
• Design for growth management
• How many connectors in a channel?
• Connection topologies

12. Optical Cabling Components
• Optical connectors, past and present
• Optical fibre management
• Types of optical cable
• Pre-terminated cabling
• Advantages and disadvantages of pre-terminating cables
• Optical component loss and link power budgets Application link loss
• The MPO and MTP ribbon connector
• Some manufacturers’ examples

13. Safety and Manageability
• Regulations and Codes
• Fire Safety Plan
• Emergency signage
• Emergency power systems
• Emergency lighting
• Design for low fire risk
• Fire detection, monitoring and suppression
• Pre-action sprinkler system
• Approved gaseous fire suppression chemicals (clean agent)
• Siting of fire/smoke detectors
• Cables for smoke detectors andalarm systems
• The riser and plenum grade of cable
• Limited combustible cables
• Insurance perspectives
• Relative costs
• Security, access control, CCTV and BMS

14. Commissioning and Handover
• The commissioning process
• Information sets

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