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Dolphins Group Offers
Advanced MS Excel Skills Training for Professionals..

Venue ; Best Western Plus Hotel Nairobi

Date; 29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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Warehouse & Stores Management Skills Training ......

 Venue ;  Best Western Plus Hotel Nairobi

Date;  29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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ER - Employee Relations and Engagement Skills Training..

Venue ; JW Marriott Hotel-Nairobi

Date;  29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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HR Analytics and Metrics Skills Training…

 Venue ; JW Marriott Hotel-Nairobi

Date; 29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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Master Online PR and Social Media Skills...

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Are you prepared for the Ongoing Digital Revolution..?

The CIM(Chartered Institute of Marketing) study asked 1500 businesses worldwide about their use and attitude towards social media and found that 4 in 5 marketers said their business was “fundamentally ill-equipped to take advantage of social media.” Only less than a quarter of those questioned had established any solutions for this lack of competency.

Don’t let this lack of skill affect your business and growth while your competitors pick your market share..

The radical shift to the Internet for news and information has changed the practice of public relations and marketing. Social media training, and the development of social media skills across the organization, has become an essential part of PR training today.

Social media touches all aspects of your business it makes sense to develop a training program for all members of the organization.
Some, like the PR,IT, marketing and customer service people, will need more hands-on skills training. However, HR, risk management and legal also need to know what social media is and how it is being deployed. Your C-suite may be the most in need of social media literacy so they are up to speed on these new technologies.

1. How to listen to the conversations – you need to find the right people to follow, connect with and talk to

2. Mapping and monitoring your social graph

3. Using a dashboard to increase productivity and effectiveness

4. How to develop an effective content strategy that engages your audience and increases your fan base.

5. Twitter – how to write great tweets that build your following and engage the right people.How to make and use Twitter lists

6. Google Plus- why you should use it and what content to post. How to use it effectively for your business

7. Facebook – how to set up custom tabs and build your fan base.How to use content to increase likes, comments and shares.

8. How to do effective Facebook Ads and use promoted stories to target the people you want to attract as fans

9. Facebook – how to use Facebook Insights to improve your content strategy

10. LinkedIn – how you can use content on LI to engage your audience. Searching, filtering, groups, brand pages.

11. Pinterest – why it is different, how best to use it. using images and video on Pinterest. How to customize the content for your business

12. Instagram – images , graphics, infographics

13. Video – why and how to use video for best results for your business

14. Geo-location - Foursquare. Should you use it? If so, how to use it for your business

15. Blogging – how to blog, comment and engage. Blog writing, editorial calendars, newsjacking.

16. How to identify and reach out to influencers and other bloggers in your space.

17. Finding evangelists and working with them to build a supportive community

18. Turning evangelists into brand ambassadors

19. The value of an online newsroom and what features and tools it should have to engage the media and improve your media mentions.

20. How to craft and optimize news content for search

21. How to effectively use visuals with news releases

22. Improving news content appeal

23. Media relations strategies: 5 new practices for working with digital journalists, editors and bloggers

24. Measurement – how to track results, How to use Google Analytics and Social Reports

Advanced Social Media Strategy

1. Social Media Strategy and framework

2. How to listen to the conversation

3. Analyzing the data stream

4. Finding threats and opportunities

5. Identifying influencers

6. Content strategy

7. Content syndication - what it is and why it makes such a difference

8. Social Media - what it is and how to use it:

  • Blogs
  • RSS Feeds
  • Optimized Press Releases
  • Social Media Press Releases
  • Social Bookmarks and links
  • Social Networking - Facebook, LinkedIn, niche networks, branded communities
  • Podcasting
  • Video
  • Tagging

9. Engagement strategies and how to facilitate conversations

10. Measuring results

Monitoring Your Online Reputation
• Identifying influencers in your space
• Keywords you need to monitor
• How to set up feeds to gather the content
• Evaluating the content
• Monitoring Services and tools
• Developing positive content
• Identifying allies online

Putting All Together;

• Your plan of Action to create a powerful online presence...


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Executive Assistant Master Class Skills Training... Mombasa
Asset Management Skills Training....

Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date; 29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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Talent Management Skills Training...

Venue ;  Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date; 29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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Monitoring & Evaluation Masterclass Skills Training...Mombasa

Venue ; Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa Kenya

Date  29th July To 2nd Aug 2024 (Five Days)

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