Could it be that our lives and careers are simply a reflection of our Words?

►Is the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire the words they know and use?

►Could the difference between a happy person and depressed person simply be the words they chanted to themselves?

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5 Ways You Can Make the Most of Facebook’s New Page Layout

 Facebook announced some significant changes to how its Pages look and act. We’ve already told you three things we like about the changes. Now, after spending some significant time getting to know the new Pages, we’re even more excited about the opportunities small businesses and organizations have to promote themselves and engage with customers, members, and fans — and each other.

Here are five things to note about the new Page layout, and some tips for using Facebook effectively.

1. Interacting with other brands is easy

In the past, if you wanted to comment on another business or organization’s Page, you had to do it as yourself, not as your brand. With the change to Facebook’s functionality, now you can choose to network and engage as your business or organization, or as yourself. This allows you to create and build relationships with other brands in your industry, local area, or area of expertise, with chambers of commerce, or any other Page in Facebook’s network, and to increase your own brand’s exposure. When you’re using Facebook as your Page, you’ll see a news feed just like you do when you’re logged in as a personal profile. Facebook will even suggest other Pages to Like based on what’s most popular among your fans. One thing to note, however, is that you can’t post on a person’s personal profile as your brand, just on other business or organization’s Pages that your brand Likes.


Tip: Be careful whenever you sign on to Facebook to make sure you know who you’re posting as. If you want to use Facebook as yourself and not as your Page, or vice versa, be sure to click the appropriate link. At the top right of your Page, there’s a link that says “Use Facebook as [Page Name].” (See the screen shot above.) Click that link to go back and forth.

2. You can put a face on your brand

One of the more compelling changes to Facebook’s Pages is the fact that now, photos are much more prominently featured on the Page, just like they are on personal profiles. That gives you a chance to put a real human face on your business or organization, and to show your fans who you are.

Tip: Think you have nothing to take photos of? You can use photos of your team, your products, your location, your events, and more. Or, you can ask your fans to post photos and tag your business or organization. (And if you’re really creative, you can do something fun like these people have.)

3. Your most engaging content will last longer

As before, whenever you post something on your Page, it will show up in your fans’ news feed in chronological order. However, on your Page, the content that engages your fans the most (i.e., that’s Liked, shared, or commented on most often) will remain in a featured position at the top. That’s great if you post a particularly notable article or if a photo or video really grabs your fans’ attention, because it will have what’s known as a “long tail,” and will have a longer life on your Page. In addition, Facebook will now notify you of comments and activity on your Page, just like it does for personal profiles.

Tip: The more engaging your content, the more people will comment on it. And the longer your content stays on the top of your Page, the more comments you’re going to get. Want your content to be more engaging? Try posting it on weekends and in the mornings; those are the most popular times for engagement.

4. Your tabs have moved

You’re probably wondering where the tabs that were at the top of your Page have moved to. They’re now on the left side of the screen. That includes the Join My List app, which hasn’t gone away and is still at the top of the page — it’s just over to the side now. (See the screen shot to your left.) In addition, if you have a welcome screen to greet people before they Like your Page, that will still exist.


Tip: Keep using the Join My List app to build your email list, of course. And focus more on your Wall, not on the separate tabs.

5. Only you can see who Likes your Page

Used to be that anyone who visited your Page could see pictures of those who Liked it. Now, they just see a number. (Chalk one up for people who like privacy!) But you, as the administrator, can still see everyone. Below the number of Likes, you’ll notice the line “people like this” is blue. When you click on that, you’ll get the full list.


Tip: Keep on promoting your Page to your email list and anyone else you come in contact with, so that number grows and more people will want to be a part of your Facebook community.

Chances are good that Facebook will keep evolving over time. But no matter what changes are in store, the site continues to be a great place to engage with those people who like you and want to promote you to their friends. We’ll keep watching and adapting to any changes that may be introduced, and we’ll keep you in the loop so you can make the most of the site in the future.


The fact that Facebook keeps changing, and that it does so in ways that may not be in your business or organization’s best interests, just reinforces the fact that you can’t rely on it as your sole marketing channel. Smart businesses and organizations will utilize multiple channels to reach and communicate with customers and members — including email, where you have much more control over your list and how your message is represented. I’m not saying Facebook isn’t valuable; it definitely is. It just shouldn’t be anyone’s primary mode of business communication.

Have Fun and Good Luck..


Sam (

Business Development;

Dolphins Group.


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