Could it be that our lives and careers are simply a reflection of our Words?

►Is the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire the words they know and use?

►Could the difference between a happy person and depressed person simply be the words they chanted to themselves?

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The Magic and Tragic Words of Marketing ...





Magic words propel great ideas towards profitability. Tragic words doom great ideas to failure. Great marketers know the difference.

A lot of people realize that a great idea must be expressed with great words. But only guerrilla marketers know those words. If you're creating or judging marketing, you ought to start becoming aware of these words, and enrich your marketing vocabulary, not to mention your bank account, by using them liberally. I have this suspicion that magic words in your marketing materials lead to magic numbers in your financial statements.

Great marketing is concerned not only with what you say in your marketing, but also with how you say it. Saying the right thing with the wrong words is a waste of time and money, in addition to being a preventable error. Ouch!


One of the more intriguing aspects of the magic words is their durability. Hard- nosed marketers have been using many of these words since the turn of the century -- and here we are npw in the information age, with these words still generating sales for guerrillas across the world.

Most of these words have been verified in daily usage since Day One of marketing, yet they maintain their magic. "I love you" will never sound trite.


Certain words have the power to turn prospects on and motivate them to think tthe right thoughts. Other words have the power to turn prospects off and cause them to think thoughts detrimental to your business. Can you write potent marketing copy without magic words? Yes. It's also possible to walk from one city  to  another on your knees.

In this period, these are words guerrillas are using to win profits and influence people:

FREE      LOVE            SAFE            NEW           BENEFITS


NOW          WINNINGS         VALUE         ONLINE        FUN

SAVE           GAIN               MONEY         HAPPY         ADVICE


EASY          YOUR       PROVEN     SUDDENLY




There words carry far more than the weight of one word. Use them in your advertising, brochures, signs, letters, telemarketing, presentations, wherever you can. They describe what people want. They make people read on. They offer things that people are looking for.

As there are magic words to speed you to entrepreneurial Nirvana, there are tragic words that lead somewhere South of that hallowed place. Non-guerrillas know well the pain of marketing that didn't pull. But few of them know that one tiny word may have been the reason. So as not to be guilty of word abuse, stay on the alert for these tragic words in any of your marketing:


WRONG          ORDER          FAILURE          DECISION

FAIL         BAD             DEAL                 COST

SELL           LIABILITY                   WORRY               LOSS

HARD        DETAILS              HARD           CONTRACT

These words make readers lose interest, stop reading. The can undermine your marketing effort. Undoubtedly, there are uglier words than these in the language as well as more beautiful words than the magic words. But in marketing, beautiful refers only to the looks of your financial statement. The marketing battlefields are littered with dead marketing campaigns that were undermined by words that were trendy or faddish. It is very uncool to use such words. Not groovy at all. Greats maketer stick with the magic, avoid the tragic.

Compiled by,

Juliana Mpenzi,Marketing Dept.

Dolphins Group

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