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Diligent Record Management & Information Technology In Record Keeping Skills Training...

Venue; Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Date; 23rd To 27th July 2018 (Five Days)

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Excellent communication, Image and Business etiquette skills....

Venue; Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Date; 26th To 27th July 2018

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Advanced MS Excel Skills Training -Executive Dashboards & Business Data Analysis…

Venue;  Golden Tulip Westlands Nairobi Hotel

Date; 25th To 29th June 2018

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Excellent Meeting Management and Minute Taking Skills Training....

Venue; Golden Tulip Westlands Nairobi Hotel

Date; 28th To 29th June 2018

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Road Safety ,Defensive Driving and Etiquette Transformation Skills Training ...for Company Drivers..

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According to a research carried out by World Health Organization (WHO) latest situation 

Of deaths and injuries is as follows:

-1.2 million People die per year worldwide from road crashes

-100,000 people per month die from road crashes

-3,330 people per day (equivalent to 9/11 tragedy daily)

-138 people per hour

-2.3 people per minute

-Up to 250 million more are injured or disabled

What Causes Road Accidents?

Most road accidents have several causes; the main ones being human error, environmental    problems and mechanical faults. Human error is a factor in 95% of all road accidents. It can take many forms:

  • Alcohol: Alcohol can have a devastating effect on driving ability. It is the biggest single factor in road deaths, especially among teens. It adversely affects decision-making, self-criticism, balance, co-ordination, sight, touch, hearing and judgment.
  • Inexperience: With young people particularly, this can lead to mistakes, errors of judgment and irresponsible behavior, especially driving too fast.
  • Impairedness: This reduces a road user's ability to cope with road conditions and situations.
  • Carelessness: Impatience, stress, carelessness, negligence, absentmindedness, irresponsible behavior, inadequate knowledge and training, ageing, drugs and medicines, a general disregard for personal  health and safety.
  • Environmental problems (weather conditions, road and junction design, and road surfaces)   are a factor   in around 18% of road accidents. Rain can reduce visibility and make it harder     to stop. Strong winds    can be hazardous for cyclists. Ice, snow and fog can cause great      havoc.
  • Road design: busy junctions which are fine for cars may be dangerous for other road users.
  • Road surface: pot holes, bumps and badly maintained roads can cause problems, especially   for cyclists.  If the road surface is wet and slippery it takes longer to stop when braking.
  • Mechanical faults are a factor in 5.5% of road accidents. This is a relatively small factor   because of annual tests to check vehicles' road worthiness and improved vehicle      construction.

Source: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents


Solution to Road Safety Issues

Road accidents and injuries are both predictable and preventable if people are made aware through education. The statistics can be changed to the better by interventions that are preventive not punitive such as:

  • Defensive driving training
  • Defensive riding training
  • Professional driver courses


How Will Defensive Driving Address Road Safety Concerns?

a)      Reduced frequency of road accidents and accident repair cost

b)     Lower insurance costs as a result of fewer claims

c)      Save time and resources by avoiding unnecessary legal battles.

d)     Reduced fleet running costs

e)      Less vehicle down time for maintenance and repair

f)       Reliable vehicle scheduling

g)     Massive savings on fuel, tyres and spares

h)     Improved brand as everyone will know how much you care about road safety

i)       Effective and improved time and route management

j)        Reduction of accident rates involving company vehicles

k)     More time to concentrate on your core business

l)       Improve productivity by keeping employees safe, on and off the job


Previous Attendants had this to say ;

we just had our management meeting and we are doing fantastic on road safety. I must say that we attribute 99% of that success to your company’s training and transforming our drivers-Harrison Lukoye, safety manager at Manara logistics limited

There are not many roads; there is a single road that extends across the length and breadth of our vast   planet. Each of us is responsible for a segment of that road. The road safety decisions    that we make or do not make ultimately have the power to affect the lives of people everywhere.  We are one road – one world.  Rochelle Sobel, President, Association for Safe International Road Travel, United States of America



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