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DIT Approved Trainers
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Dolphins Group Offers
Perfect PA and Effective Office Administrator Skills Training...

Venue; Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Date; 29th To 30th November 2018

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Excellent Project Management Skills Training...Mombasa

Venue; Hotel EnglishPoint & Spa Marina, Mombasa,Kenya - Coastal Line

Date; 26th To 30th November 2018 ( Five Days)

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Diligent Record Management & Information Technology In Record Keeping Skills Training...

Venue;  Villa Rosa - Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

Date; 26th To 30th November 2018 (Five Days)

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Strategic Performance Management Skills Training….Mombasa

Venue; Hotel EnglishPoint & Spa Marina, Mombasa,Kenya - Coastal Line

Date; 3rd To 7th December 2018 (Five Days)

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How to .......For Education Sector ...

How to repay HELB Loans using M-PESA

1. Select Pay bill option on the M-pesa menu
2. Enter HELB business number as 200800
3. Enter your National ID number as your account number
4. Enter amount you want to pay
5. Enter your secret PIN number
6. Confirm transaction and send
7. Wait for SMS confirmation.

 Equity ATM

On the ATM menu
1. Insert ATM card
2. Key in your secret PIN number
3. Go to “Pay Bills‟
4. Select “HELB‟
5. Enter National ID number when prompted
6. Enter amount
7. You will get a slip indicating the ID and amount entered.

Pesapoint ATM:

On the ATM menu:
1. Insert ATM card in the card slot
2. Remove ATM card from the slot
3. Select language
4. Key in your secret PIN number
5. Select “Pay Bill” button to proceed to the next screen
6. Key in the code shown for HELB option (i.e. 5006)
7. Key in your HELB account number (i.e. National ID number) and confirm
8. Key in your mobile no. (this will allow HELB to contact you if required)
9. Key in the product you wish to pay for
10. Enter the amount you wish to pay for your loan (you must have sufficient funds in your account to facilitate this payment).
11. The ATM will give you a receipt acknowledging payment for your HELB loan once the transaction is successfully completed.

Note: Please allow up to three (3) days to update your loan account.
Loan statements can be accessed from helb website or send an e-mail request quoting your National ID number to recovery_enquiry (at)


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We shared a lot. I am a changed person even the entire office is surprised. I will forever remember remember the training- Vinic Sarange Ombaso

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Amazing trainings, quite relevant and fulfilling, 9 out of 10. Empower more and more people –Vincent KK, Safaricom ltd



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