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Registration of a Business or Company.

1. He or she should come up with the desired names.

2. He /she should provide the official names , her/his ID the principal place of business thatís plot number and postal addresses
   Names of all other partners. It takes a minimum of one week and a maximum of two weeks to process.

3. We also help in PIN, VAT processing, bank account opening at a very reasonable cost.

Registration Of  a Limited Company

1. The client should provide the desired names

2. If the name(s) is approved he/she should give out at least five objectives of company.

3. The client will be required to give the authorized capital figure and its division into shares to be allotted also the people who are to be directors.

4. The client will sign the relevant documents together with the other directors.

5. It will take a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of three weeks to get the certificate of incorporation.

6. We also help in pin, VAT processing, Board Resolution minutes, bank account opening purchasing of a company seal, opening of postal
addresses increase of share capital filing of annual return filing of 203(A) allotment CR 12 and any other legal document at the companyís
    registry at very reasonable charges.

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