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Professional Debt Collection Agency in Nairobi Kenya

Persuasive, Persistence, ProfessionalismThese are the hallmark of our attorney based collection agency. NATIONWIDE AND INTERNATIONAL DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY – NATIONWIDE DEBT RECOVERY Debt Recovery Associates,is a nationwide debt collection agency specializing in collecting commercial and professional service claims throughout Kenya, East Africa and internationally. Persuasiveness, persistence and professionalism are the standards our collectors and attorneys […]

Good Vs Bad Debt Collection Strategies

The strategies adopted by a business when collecting debts impact not only on the profitability of the business, but also the brand and reputation of the business. This article looks at both good and bad debt recovery strategies and when it is best to hand bad debts over to a professional. Poor debt collection strategies […]

How to Collect Your Debts Through The Courts

If you have exhausted all other avenues trying to recover a debt that is owed to you or your business, you may want to explore the option of collecting the debt through the courts. Obviously, it will depend on the amount you are owed, but attempting to gain a judgement from a court of law […]

How to write an effective credit collection policy…

It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, it is always important to keep control of your debt collection and ensure that your cash flow is maintained. Without cash flow, your business can become quickly constrained and you will struggle to maintain daily operations not to mention inhibiting your business growth strategies. That’s […]

2 of the Best Ways of Collecting Debt …

Many businesses testify that, despite their very 2 of the Best Ways of Collecting Debt from non-paying or slow to pay clients, bad debts are a reality. When a business offers credit to its customers it is almost inevitable that some customers will allow their accounts to remain unpaid past their due date. However, businesses do […]

5 Reasons Why Follow Up is Essential …

  In all areas of business, thorough follow up is essential. From establishing relationships with clients and pursuing new leads to nurturing partnerships and possibly chasing up outstanding debts, successful businesses follow up with their clients and engage with relevant partners, such as debt recovery services, on an ongoing basis. So, why is follow up […]

Why Your Face to Face Debt Collection Works …

  There are few things more perilous, frustrating and difficult for a business than its customers failing to pay for products and services that have been provided on credit. Particularly in difficult economic times, when cash flow is reduced and a business is subjected to an extensive range of financial pressures, trying to recoup funds […]

4 of the Best Ways to Get Payment from Your Debtors …

  For businesses that extend credit to their customers, late payment or complete failure to pay is a reality. While there are many reasons why debtors do not pay, no business should willingly accept that these accounts should be written off without proactively implementing strategies to try to recoup funds. Of course, debt recovery services […]