Why Your Face to Face Debt Collection Works …



There are few things more perilous, frustrating and difficult for a business than its customers failing to pay for products and services that have been provided on credit. Particularly in difficult economic times, when cash flow is reduced and a business is subjected to an extensive range of financial pressures, trying to recoup funds from debtors that are reticent to pay is a stress and additional pressure that few businesses have the resources to address. For this reason, debt collection services can offer invaluable support and represent the best possible chance for your business to receive payment for the debts it is owed.

Debt collection agencies offer knowledge, skills, experiences and resources that are required to successfully negotiate the recovery of debt. The areas of specialty that are offered by professional collection agencies are rarely found within other organisations, and so internal efforts to try to recover debts are rarely as successful as the strategies and approaches used by dedicated and credible debt recovery services. Essentially, working with a debt collection agency can be the key to helping your company remain profitable for years to come, and the fee they charge will represent a great investment on the part of your organisation.


Specific debt collection services:

When you engage with a debt collection service, you can expect that they will tailor an approach to debt recovery that is appropriate for your organisation and the debts it is owed. Although the activities undertaken will depend on the debts and debtors you have, a debt collection agency will typically engage in some or all of the following activities:

Preparation and review of paperwork — Based on your records, the agency representative will understand the history of the account, the record of credit and promises that have been made and/or broken so that a good understanding of the debtor and situation is obtained before contact is made.

Make contact with your debtor — Debt collection specialists are experienced in identifying and facilitating contact with the appropriate person or people with responsibility for payment. This includes skip tracing and other location services. Very often, initial contact will be made via a telephone call and through an official letter, but in many cases this requires follow up in the form of face-to-face contact.

Face-to-face contact (Or Field Calls)– Face-to-face contact (or Field Calls) is often the strategy that delivers the best possible debt collection outcomes. Face-to-face interaction by an appropriately licensed and trained collector demonstrates that your organisation is serious about chasing and being paid for the services or products that it has provided. Contact of this nature does not have to be threatening or confrontational; to the contrary, the best outcomes can be achieved through professional, confident, respectful and straight communication. Particularly when facilitated through a third party — a debt collection agency — the message that your business is taking a serious approach is strongly communicated.  Information from field calls such can also be vital in determining whether or not to issue legal proceedings. They can also facilitate in the skip tracing process.

Unfortunately, letters and emails can be put aside and telephone calls can be avoided and therefore are limited in terms of their effectiveness in recouping debt. In contrast, field calls can suggest and deliver a more serious and committed message that shows your commitment to follow up and full and complete adherence to the terms and conditions agreed.

Professional intervention:

Sometimes a business is placed in a delicate situation when debtors with whom it has an important relationship fail to pay. Face-to-face contact conducted by a professional debt recovery service can therefore be the most effective possibility for avoiding legal action and recovering debt, as well as helping to preserve the relationship you have with your debtor.

Debt collection is not something that most businesses look forward to or enjoy. Because some businesses fail to pay their bills, debt collection field calls facilitated by licensed specialist debt recovery services typically represent the best possible chance for an organisation to receive the funds it is owed.