5 Reasons Why Follow Up is Essential …

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In all areas of business, thorough follow up is essential. From establishing relationships with clients and pursuing new leads to nurturing partnerships and possibly chasing up outstanding debts, successful businesses follow up with their clients and engage with relevant partners, such as debt recovery services, on an ongoing basis.

So, why is follow up so critical to a business’ ultimate success? Here we take a look at five reasons.

1:  Relationships

No matter whether you are dealing with a new client or one that you have known for a longer time, following up is important for the existence of trust and an effective working relationship. Just as with other relationships, business relationships need work and your connection with customers needs to be consistent and attentive.


When an organisation is proactive in following up with its customers it communicates that it is sincere and committed to a positive long-term working relationship. Importantly too, when it comes time to pay bills, a client with whom you have been in close contact is more likely to pay in full and on time.

2: Establish your business’ credibility and position as an expert

It cannot be stressed enough that in order to attract and keep clients, your business needs to be recognised as credible and an expert in its field. Maintaining close contact and following up with customers achieves the ends of your business educating your customers and establishing the company as a credible, trustworthy leader. A business that does not follow up with customers and clients will rarely be perceived as valuing customer loyalty and striving for excellence in terms of customer service and the value of the services it provides.

3:  Remain at the forefront of your customers’ minds

Following up with customers is effective in keeping your business fresh in the minds of your clients and customers. This is important as when they do want to next make a purchase or commission a service, they are more likely to contact you. Similarly, they will also be far more likely to recommend you to people they know.

4:  Facilitate timely payment

Far too many businesses that offer credit arrangements for their customers soon find themselves at a financial disadvantage when customers do not finalise their bills with complete payment.

Close follow up with customers reduces the likelihood that your business and the money owed will be forgotten. Businesses that do not sufficiently follow up with their customers often delay their actions to chase payment and are ultimately far less likely to receive payment at all.

While close follow up will always be important, debt collection associates offer a wonderful service for businesses who need and/or want to take action to recover monies that are owed to them. Debt recovery services offer specialised expertise in chasing up debts and making arrangements for the recovery of outstanding funds. A great many businesses testify that, without the services of a debt collection agency, they had little hope of being paid for a number of goods and services provided on credit to particular customers.

5:  It is appreciated by many customers

It is very often the case that when a customer has made the commitment to purchase goods or a service from you, they intend to use your business for future purchases. By following up and being attentive to your customers, you will strengthen the faith of your customers in your business and strengthen their resolve to purchase from you in the future.

All businesses need to follow up with customers thoroughly and consistently. Follow up is generally appreciated by customers and will increase the likelihood of a customer completely finalising the payments owed to you.