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Business Accounting Tips …

  The key to keeping your business in the black is to have good accounting and bookkeeping practices from the very outset and this article looks at some of the best ways for a small to medium business to stay organised and out of debt. Have sufficient capital Many small businesses go under in the […]

How To Keep Track of Outstanding Payments from Clients ….

  Knowing what you are owed and when you are likely to be paid is vital for making effective and informed business decisions. An efficient accounts receivable system is necessary to ensure this information is accurate and timely Invoice From the moment you send out your invoice for payment, your customer should be in no […]

Here Is Your Guide to Cash Flow Management..

    Cash flow is the amount of money that comes in and out of a business over a given period of time. While ideally there will always be more cash coming in than is going out, there will inevitably be times when this is not the case and that is why managing cash flow […]

10 Questions for Choosing the Right Debt Collection Agency …

  There is no hard and fast rule for when a business should consider passing its outstanding debts on to a collection agency. For some businesses it is when unpaid invoices go beyond 90 days, while others make the decision when the cost of collection exceeds a specific value. Whatever the time frame, unless you […]

How To Deal with Customers that Refuse to Pay..

  If the current economic conditions weren’t tough enough for your business already, add to that the fact that you may have outstanding accounts from customers who are also feeling the heat. While you may be able to feel their pain, the impact of their outstanding debts could be devastating for your business. That’s why […]

How to Improve Your Cash Flow with Debt Collection..

  Debt collection isn’t the most attractive task for business owners, but it’s necessary for keeping a healthy cash flow. Since the economic climate is so uncertain these days, anything that threatens the cash flow of your business needs to be dealt with swiftly and consistently, otherwise you’re at risk of defaulting on your own […]

How to Keep Track of Your Unpaid Debts…

Having an efficient accounts receivable management system is absolutely essential to every business. Accounts receivable signifies the money you have earned but that you have not yet received from your customers. If you don’t have a special system in place for these debts that are owed to you, then you risk having some of your […]

Why You Should Use Professionals to Investigate and Collect from your Debtor..

    If you provide products or services to people on credit, the chances are at some time or another you will have someone defect on their payment. While most businesses should have a debt recovery procedure, such as sending out invoices and reminders, this still doesn’t help if someone simply refuses to pay. So […]

Good Debt Collectors…

Good debt collectors are hard to come by when choosing a collection agency. Good debt collectors once they are talking with a debtor, probe to find out what is going on. Often, the loss of a job, an illness, divorce, or maxing out the credit cards results in a person becoming dysfunctional when it comes […]

Common Excuses Debtors Make…

  The more questions you ask, the quicker you will get to the truth of the matter. When debtors lie about why they are not paying, they are hoping that you will accept what they are saying and drop the subject. The more questions you ask, the more uncomfortable debtors become. Eventually, sending the creditor […]