Do more or do better which one is for you?

The easiest form of management is to encourage or demand that people do more. The other translation of this phrase is to go faster. The most important and difficult form of management (verging on leadership) is to encourage people to do better. Better is trickier than more because people have trouble visualizing themselves doing better….Read moreRead more

what’s the hard part?

Every project (product, play, event, company, venture, non profit) has a million tasks that need to be done, thousands of decisions, predictions, bits of effort, conversations and plans. Got that. But what’s the hard part? The CEO spends ten minutes discussing the layout of the office with the office manager. Why? Was that a difficult…Read moreRead more

Maybe this year…

Maybe this year… Your knowledge will reach critical mass.. Your boss will give you the go ahead.. Your family situation will be stable.. The competition will stop innovating.. The traffic jam will cease.. There won’t be any computer viruses to deal with, and Then… You can act, you can launch your project, you can make…Read moreRead more

Cashing the check …

A check in your wallet does you very little good. It represents opportunity, sure, but not action. Most of us are carrying around a check, an opportunity to make an impact, to do the work we’re capable of, to ship the art that would make a difference. No, the world isn’t fair, and most people…Read moreRead more