Snake handling…

This is a very different task than snake charming. The first is far more common, but it requires heavy equipment and is often dangerous On the other hand, if you have empathy and patience, its possible to learn to charm the snakes instead

Efficient or productive?

When time gets short (for new parents or startup founders, for example) we naturally focus on getting efficient. We can remove extraneous details and distractions and magically get much faster at getting tasks done. But being efficient is not the same as being productive. Productive is the skill of getting the right things done, so…Read moreRead more

Three types of kindness

There is the kindness of please and thank you. And the kindness of I was wrong, I’m sorry. The small kindnesses that smooth our interactions and help other people feel as though you’re aware of them. These don’t cost us much, in fact, in most settings, engaging with kindness is an essential part of connection,…Read moreRead more

A different urgency

For many people, work consists of a series of urgencies. Set them up and knock them down. Empty the in-box, answer the boss, make the deadline. Over the next few weeks, there may be fewer urgencies than usual. Thats the nature of coming back from a break. What if we used the time to move…Read moreRead more

Must-Have Skills For An E commerce Leader

  Must-Have Skills For An E commerce Leader E commerce has come a very long way in a relatively short period of time. What began as a pioneering role in the nascent world of online commerce is now a position that sits at the table with the senior most strategic decision makers of an organization,…Read moreRead more

How to manage the challenges created by the Corona virus pandemic..

    HELPFUL LINKS & INFORMATION (This section will be continually growing & evolving) A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE ———————————————————————————————————— LEADING DURING A CRISIS 5 (Practical) Cs for Leading in a Crisis/Downturn by Verne Harnish > 5 (Practical) Cs for Leading in a Crisis/Downturn by Verne Harnish (EN ESPANOL / IN SPANISH)> Facing a Company Crisis? Follow…Read moreRead more

Winning on the uphills

Interesting business lesson learned on a bicycle: it’s very difficult to improve your performance on the downhills. I used to dread the uphill parts of my ride. On a recumbent bike, they’re particularly difficult. So I’d slog through, barely surviving, looking forward to the superspeedy downhill parts. Unfortunately, I had a serious accident a few…Read moreRead more

The posture of a communicator

If you buy my product but dont read the instructions, thats not your fault, its mine. If you read a blog post and misinterpret what I said, thats my choice, not your error. If you attend my presentation and youre bored, thats my failure. If you are a student in my class and you dont…Read moreRead more

Debt, equity and a third thing that might work better

If your business needs money, it seems as though you have two choices: Get a loan from a bank Raise equity from an investor, giving up part of your company in exchange Banks are everywhere, so the idea that they can loan us money seems obvious. And venture capitalists and the companies they fund are…Read moreRead more

Its not the rats you need to worry about

If you want to know if a ship is going to sink, watch what the richest passengers do. iTunes and file sharing killed Tower Records. The key symptom: the best customers switched. Of course people who were buying 200 records a year would switch. They had the most incentive. The alternatives were cheaper and faster…Read moreRead more